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Differences between taking a car vs public transportation (including bus, ferry and tram)

If you are currently in Australia and need to choose which mode of transportation would suit you best, we can found out together, using the information listed below :


(Tram – Melbourne, popular transporation choice in Melbourne and Sydney)


(Ferry – Perth, one of transportation connecting harbor in each city)


(Train – Perth, one of fastest transporation mode in Australia)


(Bus – Perth, Popular amongs student as transportation for short distance)

There are several benefits when using public transportation, such as:

  • Integrated timetable from one transportation to another
  • Larger area coverage
  • Accurate arrival and departure times (departure time can also be checked online)
  • The ease of purchasing tickets (Tickets can be purchased at the departure station or News Agency)
  • Comfortable vehicles (including FULL AC)
  • Less cost

There are also several disadvantages when using public transportation, such as:

  • Some public transportation is not available during certain hours of the night
  • Long waiting time between different methods of public transportation
  • Limited out of town service

Always check your ticket before using public transportation and do not try to use public transportation without buying a ticket. If you do not bring a ticket, you will be fined AUD $50.


Driving your own car in Australia

You can legally drive in Australia by using the following:

  • International Driving license
  • Your translated national driving license

Please be aware that you will be fined $50 – $150 AUD if you do not have a driver’s license, are speeding or if you violate traffic laws.

So, be careful and follow the rules and regulations!