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Australia’s climate is one of the most unique climates. Why? In general, the weather in Australia can be divided into four categories:

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Spring (September – November)

Spring, where you will see many plants in bloom (after the fall of autumn/winter). The weather during this season is more or less in between hot and cold (but more towards hot). Almost all of the spring season would be suitable for a picnic with your friends or family.


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Summer (December – February)

This season is known for needing your Air Conditioner (AC) and it will become your best friend. Summer in Australia usually begins in December (Christmas in Australia is in the summer). The temperature (on average) reaches 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.

For Australians, summer is the right time to go to the beach or get a tan. No wonder when you go to the beach in Australia during the summer, the beach will be completely crowded with people. There are some popular beaches in Australia, such as BONDI beach in SYDNEY, and SCARBOROUGH beach in Perth.


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Autumn (March – May)

During fall/autumn, you will find many leaves turn brown and then fall one by one. If you live in or boarding house or rent, this will mean you will work extra hard to clean up your yard full of leaves. For those of you who like to take photographs, this season is the right time of year for just that.

The weather feels a lot better than during summer, as it is colder. The temperature is relatively cool and would be enjoyable for your outdoor activities.


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Winter (June-August)

Look out for the winter in Australia, especially for those of you who are used to tropical weather.

Why? Winter temperatures in Australia could reach 4 degrees Celsius. Sometimes it can get to temperatures below zero (but it is rare). Warm blankets and heaters can be expensive but are necessary for warmth.

It can be quite cold during the winter in Australia and could take some getting used to, but may very well be worth it.


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Recommendation From Education ONE:

  • When traveling to Australia around November to February (for Christmas and New Year’s), remember these months will be very hot. It is a dry heat, so it is highly recommended to bring skin moisturizing lotion and sunblock.
  • In the winter, do not forget to bring gloves and socks. In some areas the temperature can reach 4 degrees Celsius.
  • If you want to vacation to Australia, we would suggest going during Autumn or Spring time, because the weather is still relatively cool.
  • If you want to see snow, go to Melbourne or Sydney in the winter (because not every area will be covered by snow in winter).
  • Sometimes during the winter, there will be hailstorms or sleet (meaning, it will rain chunks of ice) in Australia. Be careful when parking your vehicle outside your house.

If you have any further questions about Australia, click in the comment section below and we will get back to you with the answer.


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