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Living Cost in Australia

How much it will cost to live in Australia?

We at education ONE, receive this kind of question a lot. Now, we will compile the cost of living in Australia. so you can prepare the necessary funds!

The list below is gathered from many sources online and also references from our students and alumni. This is an estimation cost, the actual price may vary depending on the city you live in, your lifestyle, and the product itself.

Maybe some of you may find this pretty expensive, so we have several tips on how to save more and spend less:

The lowest price you can get for a meal in Australia is $5, but if you cook you can spend $5 – 10$ for 3 meals or a whole day. You can save more if you cook in big portions, put it in refrigerator, and heat it up every time you are hungry.
There are several places available that you can choose to buy your groceries from. You can shop in a supermarket or Asian/Chinese Shops. Some stores may be cheaper than others, but if you want to buy non-consumable goods, you can also try online sites, such as Gumtree (
You can choose a sim card that will be active for months till a year if you rarely use your phone to text or call.
Using public transportation is cheaper than using your own car. Please remember to use the bus timetable when you going to be using public transportation.

If you have any question about living in Australia, you can commented below, call or email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!