6 Reasons Schools in Australia is Great For You

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Studying at an Australian School can bring pride to both parents and child, this would mainly be because of the quality of its education and technology, as well as the ability of the professional teachers, it is certain that you or your child/children will receive the best quality education when attending school in Australia.

Soft Skill Development

In addition to learning, schools in Australia also help develop the ability of soft skills. Or better known as refined skills, such as communication skills, self-discipline, cooperation, respect, empathy, and critical thinking. This will certainly help anyone, later on when entering the working world.

Refined Curriculum

Schools in Australia have a broad curriculum, which refers to the philosophy of education initiated by Montessori and Steiner.

In addition, schools in Australia also focus on core areas, such as; English, Mathematics, Sociology, Science, Art, English, Foreign Languages, Technology, Health and Physical Education.

Outdoor Activities

Not only in the classroom, the schools in Australia also focus on education outdoors with the students. This is meant to build teamwork skills, self-expression and self-development through the different activities/activity groups.

Teaching Method

As mentioned before, the teachers in Australia are very professional and are experienced in the field of child education. There are a wide variety of teaching methods used depending on the need of each child, such as; learning from the teacher’s instructions, conducting research, group projects, visual presentations, ie – learning, and interacting in class.

School Qualification

After completing senior secondary school (the equivalent of a high school grade 3) in Australia, the student will undergo a national exam in order to obtain a qualification certificate. Once the student receives the qualification, they are not only able to apply for further study in an Australian University but are also recognized worldwide.

High Education Standards

Why schools in Australia are said to have high education standards, one of the best in the world

  • Small classes (maximum 30 people per class);
  • The teachers who have been accredited through teacher training with an Australian or equivalent overseas qualification;
  • Modern facilities, including a full up to date working computer and internet;
  • Program – a special program for gifted students, or special needs
    Individual programs for students who need that extra help;
  • All schools in Australia have passed the standard testing of education, which ensures high quality in every school in Australia.

High Education Standards

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