Australian School System

Australian School System

First, let us look at some designations used for the study level in Australia.

  • Pre – School (Play Group – Kindergarten);
  • Primary School (year 1 – 6);
  • Secondary School (year 7 – 10);
  • Senior Secondary School (year 11-12).

For those interested to enroll their children to school in Australia, keep in mind that every school in Australia has a quota for how many international students are able to enter in a school. So, who determines the quota? The school itself. Thus, when the quota of a school is full, your choice is to look for another school or wait until the new school year arrives.

When was the new student intake?

The new school year in Australia are usually opened every June 30. However, do not forget to give a deadline three months prior to the opening for the registration, visas, and accommodation in Australia.

Do I really need Guardian / Foster Parent ?

For students who are under 18 years old, they have to live with the guardian / foster parent in Australia. Well, who is included in the category of foster parents or guardian? They include parents, close relatives, or selected third parties in Australia by you.

What to do before my application getting accepted?

As mentioned before, not all schools in Australia that can receive international student enrollments (due to the capacity of the school, and the student quota). Therefore, you will be prompted to select a minimum of four schools in Australia.

Do not worry if you do not know what plans the school would you choose, because the Australian side has provided a list of elementary school – high school, complete with website and location, that you can use.

Do I really need to fluent in English?

Most students will be required to take an English test in advance (such as IELTS), or they will be required to attend an intensive English program for 1 year, before being able to go to school in Australia.

PS: The intensive program is only available in certain schools in Australia.

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