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Starting a 485 visa subsequent entrant journey is about more than just immigration; it’s about maintaining relationships, making memories, and building futures together. 

Bringing your loved ones to Australia to be reunited is a beautiful dream that is realistic to realise with a 485 visa through subsequent entrants, especially if you have just finished studying in Australia –we can’t imagine how much you miss your loved ones.

To provide an in-depth guide we will explore the key aspects of eligibility, the application procedure, financial capacity, and the role of registered migration agents in this article by education ONE.

Heads up: This article will focus on discussing the subsequent entrants for Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485).

Who Qualifies As 485 Visa Subsequent Entrants?

The 485 Visa subsequent entrant eligibility criteria rely heavily on dependents and familial ties. Hence, dependent children, de facto partners, and de jure partners (married) are eligible to apply under this umbrella. Here’s the full list from DHA:

  1. Your spouse or de facto partner
  2. Your child, or your partner’s child, who is not engaged, married or in a de facto relationship and is:
    1. aged under 18 years, or
    2. aged 18 to 23 years and dependent on the main applicant or the main applicant’s partner, or
    3. aged 23 years or older and dependent on the main applicant or the main applicant’s partner due to a partial or total physical or mental disability
  3. the dependent child of the child above


Fun Fact: The subsequent entrant visa duration will be following the main applicant visa duration.

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What does subsequent entrant mean?

One moment. Before we dive in too deep we think it’s better to have the same perception of what subsequent entrants actually mean.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs defines a subsequent entrant as 

“…a member of the family unit of a visa holder who is applying for a visa to enter Australia to join the primary visa holder.”

Your family can be in or outside Australia when they apply, but must not be in immigration clearance.

What are the conditions for a subsequent entrant visa for 485?

Relationship to the primary visa holder

  • You must be a partner, spouse, or in a de facto relationship with the primary visa holder.
  • Your relationship must be genuine and continuing.
  • You must not have entered into the relationship solely for the purpose of obtaining a visa.

Health and character requirements

  • You must meet the Australian government’s health and character requirements.
  • You must not have any health conditions that could pose a risk to the Australian community.

Financial requirements

  • You must be able to support yourself financially in Australia.

Can I add my partner to my 485 visa?

Yes, both de facto partner or de jure partner can be added as long as you can bring evidence of genuine relationship (12-month minimum) and enough financial capacity.

How do I add subsequent entrant visa 485? 

Including a subsequent entrant in your original application

If you are applying for a subclass 485 visa and you have a family member who will be joining you in Australia, you can include them in your original application. To do this, you will need to provide the following information about your family member:

  • Name, date of birth, and passport number
  • Relationship to you (e.g., partner, spouse, child, parent)
  • Evidence of your relationship to them (e.g., marriage certificate, birth certificate)

Applying for a separate subsequent entrant visa

Your family member can apply for a separate subsequent entrant visa to join you in Australia if you have already been granted a 485 visa. 

To be eligible the applicant will need to meet the same eligibility requirements as if they were included in your original application. 

They will also need to provide the following documents:

  • A completed visa application form
  • Passport and identity documents
  • Evidence of your relationship to them
  • Evidence of health and character
  • Evidence of financial means

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How much is the subsequent entrant fee for the 485 visa?

Check the table below to see how much a subsequent entrant will cost you to apply.

Type of applicant Fee (AUD)
Primary applicant $1.895
Additional applicant (18 years or older) $950
Additional applicant (under 18 years) $475

Documents Requirement for Subsequent Entrant on 485 Visa Application

The list of documents below is mandatory and optional, because the documents must comply with your current conditions. 

You can ask for a complete and specific list in consultation with our education consultant and our registered migration agent to ensure that all your documents are decision-ready so that you don’t have to worry about processing them a second time. Book a free consultation today.


Now take a look at the list of documents you need to provide for your 485 visa subsequent entrants application.

General Requirements

  1. Certified copy of the primary visa holder’s passport data page.
  2. Passport-sized photographs of the subsequent entrant.
  3. Joint or individual bank statements.
  4. Employment letters or payslips.
  5. Certified copies of health examination results.
  6. Police clearance certificates.
  7. Properly filled and signed application form.
  8. English language proficiency certificate.
  9. Certified translations for documents not in English.
  10. Form 956 (Appointment of a registered migration agent).

De Facto Partners and Marriage Certificate

  1. Certified copy of the marriage certificate or evidence of the de facto relationship.
  2. Copy of a jointly signed lease agreement or proof of shared residence.
  3. Copies of utility bills in both names or joint accounts.
  4. Evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing
  5. Evidence that you are not related by family
  6. Evidence that you have been in your de facto relationship for at least 12 months before you applied for this visa, or
  7. if applicable, provide evidence that your relationship is registered by a participating Australian state or territory

Dependent Children (Under 18)

  1. Copies of enrollment documents for dependent children.
  2. Copies of birth certificates or the family book showing the names of both parents of all your dependent children.
  3. Copies of the adoption paper, if applicable. 
  4. Medical records demonstrating dependency for dependent children.
  5. Documents outlining parental duties
  6. Documents outlining custody agreements
  7. Form 1229 (Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years).

Dependent Children (Over 18)

  1. A copy of birth certificate to prove the relationship to you
  2. Documents about other relationships, if applicable
  3. Identity documents
  4. Character documents
  5. Proof of your relationship with the dependant such as a birth certificate or adoption papers
  6. A completed Form 47a Details of a child or other dependent family member aged 18 years or over
  7. Proof of financial dependency such as bank statements, money transfers and rent receipts
  8. If the child is aged 23 or is likely to turn 23 while your application is being processed, you must also provide a report from a qualified medical practitioner that states they are dependent on you or your partner due to the total or partial loss of bodily or mental functions

Step-by-step Guide to Applying 485 Visa for Subsequent Entrants

After understanding the eligibility criteria and documents for applying for a subsequent entrant for 485, now let’s move on step by step to apply.

Initial preparation

Make sure that the primary visa holder has applied for and received the 485 visa; if not, how would you become a subsequent entrant?

Appointment of a registered migration agent (Optional)

Before initiating the application process for the 485 visa subsequent entrant you can nominate an agent to act on your behalf by completing Form 956


This step can highly accelerate the application process and increase your chance of success, even though it is optional. We’ll be with you every step of the way so you don’t feel confused and stressed about the application.

Gathering documents

Gather the documentation you need to start the whole thing based on the categories mentioned above. You can also make a checklist to help you ensure that you left no documents behind.

Or maybe you can contact our consultant team to get the checklist, effortlessly.

DHA’s decisions are based on the information you provide when you lodge your application. You’ll need to ensure that you provide enough information on your application.

Statutory declarations and affidavits

If some documents are not available or the situation is exclusive, you might want to submit affidavits or statutory declarations. Give the immigration authorities a detailed explanation of any deviations from the standard documentation requirements.

Application submission

Put together every document in the format that the Department of Home Affairs has specified and verify that every document is a certified copy, also include certified translations if required.

Family members applying for this visa as subsequent entrants must apply online in ImmiAccount.

Follow up your application

You should anticipate receiving a confirmation of receipt after submission. Keep yourself updated about the application’s status by following up with the Department of Home Affairs or your chosen migration agent on a regular basis.

If more information is requested, send the necessary documents as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Visa grant!

The 485 Visa will be issued by the Department of Home Affairs upon approval of the application so now you can travel to Australia to reunite with your loved ones and start this exciting new chapter in Australia.

Understanding And Meeting Financial Requirements

The financial requirements for the 485 subsequent entrant visa have been designed to ensure you and your families can focus on your activities while staying in Australia.

The number of family members living in the applicant’s home and the duration of planned stay in Australia are the grounds for these requirements.

How to prove your financial capacity in applying for 485 visa subsequent entrants?

You must be able to prove your claim that you have sufficient financial capacity for a 485 visa application that can also provide for your dependents. This proof could consist of:

  1. Bank statements for at least past 3 months
  2. Evidence of savings accounts
  3. Evidence of investments
  4. Employment income documentation (payslips or employer letter)
  5. Evidence of other sources of income (rental property, child support payments)

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What if the primary applicant will be supporting the subsequent entrant?

If the primary visa holder is supporting the applicant financially, they must also provide evidence of this support. This evidence may include:

  1. A Statutory Declaration of Financial Support outlining the primary visa holder’s commitment to provide financial assistance
  2. Evidence of financial support

Financial capacity estimation breakdowns

There’s no information that states a certain number to be shown to the Department of Home Affairs for 485 visa applications either for a single applicant or with dependents inside the application.

The only information stated is “you have to be able to support yourself and your dependents” which is kind of ambiguous.

But as reference, we can make the financial capacity for Student Visa (Subclass 500) as a guide which can help to determine how much money you need to show to help with your 485 visa application with subsequent entrants.

From 1 October 2023, the financial capacity you need to show is at least AUD24.505, if partners come with you AUD8,574, and if a child comes with you AUD3,670.

Couple with no children

  • Estimated monthly expenses: $3,500
  • Required financial means: $42,000 for a year’s stay

Couple with one child

  • Estimated monthly expenses: $4,500
  • Required financial means: $54,000 for a year’s stay

Couple with two children

  • Estimated monthly expenses: $5,500
  • Required financial means: $66,000 for a year’s stay

Single Parent with Two Children

  • Estimated monthly expenses: $5,000
  • Required financial means: $60,000 for a year’s stay

How A Migration Agent Simplifies The Process

Applying for a 485 visa in Australia as a subsequent entrant can be difficult, but working with a registered migration agent can speed up the process and improve the chances of approval. 

RMA thoroughly understands Australian immigration laws, policies, and practices to guarantee a complete and accurate submission by offering professional advice on eligibility requirements, documentation, and application procedures.

free consultation

Migration agents also help to compile and arrange the necessary paperwork and serve as a point of contact for applicants with questions regarding immigration laws, represent applicants’ interests, and protect worries when dealing with immigration authorities.

We at education ONE are more than just an education agent, we have a partnership with a registered migration agent in Australia to help you solve complex cases and plan your long-term goals based on the latest regulation update.

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