9 benefits of Australian Permanent Residency (Permanent Residence – PR) for International Student in Australia

For those of you that have been, or will work in Australia, should know about Permanent Residency (PR). But for you who have not, Permanent Residence is the status of citizenship for people who have settled in Australia, long term. Permanent Residence is usually given to those who work full time.

Every year, many applicants go on to become a permanent resident in Australia from various countries and in 2012 there were approximately 130,000 applications for Permanent Residents.

Benefit of Permanent Residency in Australia


Are you curious of what your advantages are of becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia? Below  are some of the benefits of Australian Permanent Residency :

  1. If you have PR, You have the opportunity to work full-time in Australia and find a good job within the government, or private. The standard full-time salary in Australia is AUD $ 40,000 ++ annually, and some do not include insurance, benefits, and others.
  2. You have the opportunity to stay in Australia for a long period of time when you hold Australian Permanent Residence Visa
  3. You may commute to and from Australia indefinitely.
  4. You may get help from Australia in terms of education, in the form of loaning money and only having to pay the loan back after graduation.
  5. You get medical assistance from the Australian government, which will allow you to get free treatment and medicines are subsidized.
  6. You can sponsor eligible relatives, to obtain Permanent Residence
  7. Children born in Australia will get the status of citizen of Australia (Citizens).
  8. You can go to New Zealand, without visas.
  9. You can live and work in New Zealand.

Are you interested in becoming a Permanent Residence or want to know the requirements? You can have a look at this article, or send an email to [email protected]

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
if you wish to get help with your study and visa. Just book a call!
I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
if you wish to get help with your study and visa. Just book a call!