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Documents Requirement for Australian Student Visa

Australia Student Visa Document Requirements. Documents required to be included in an Australian student visa application need to be translated and certified to show its validity. The documents required for an Australian visa application, including a student visa or working holiday visa, need to be translated if the original documents are written in a different language other than English. The certification, in this case, is the legalization of the copied documents, which is seen based on the original documents when the certificate is done by an authorized officer before the application is submitted to the Australian Visa Application Center (AVAC).

What Are Australia Student Visa Document Requirements?

There are some documents which are required to be translated and certified to expedite your Australian student visa application:

Australia Student Visa Document Requirements: Resident document

Resident document is a document which is held by an students which will show their citizenship. These documents include:

  • Identity card

  • Family card

  • Birth certificate

  • Marriage certificate

  • Marriage book

  • Divorce certificate

  • Etc

Documents Requirement for Australian Student Visa

Australia Student Visa Document Requirements: Educational document

Is for students who want to apply for a visa to study in Australia, the original documents and the translated documents are required to be shown:

  • Higher school certificates

  • Higher school final score results

  • Bachelor’s certificate

  • Academic transcripts

  • Other skills certificates

  • Work experience certificates

  • Etc

Other supporting certificates

Some particular visas need specific documents and other requirements based on the type of visa which is being applied for. For example; letter of statement, letter of information, company information, etc.

The documents which are written in non-english  must be translated by a trusted translating institution and must be recognized by the Australian Immigration Department.  Education ONE and ONEderland Consulting as a registered Australian Education and Migration Consultant MARN 0961448 is one of the institutions which is trusted to translate documents and give a certification stamp to show the validity of the visa documents for an Australian Student visa.  Be careful that you don’t just choose any translating institution for the translation of your documents, our stamp is not only accepted by Australian Immigration, we will also check your visa documents thoroughly to make sure everything is complete before you forward the application to the Australian Visa Application Center.

Contact us at  [email protected] or call me on 08 6102 1118. We are readily available to translate and certify your visa documents should you require our services.

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