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Can Dependent Study In Australia?

Many international students in Australia choose to bring their families with them, and fortunately, the regulation allowing international students to bring their immediate families to Australia as dependents on their student visa. But can these dependent study in Australia?

Can Dependent Study in Australia?

The answer is yes, with some limitations. Dependents on a student visa can pursue studies but they wouldn’t be able to enroll in full-time academic programs.

It’s important to note that this visa typically allows for a study duration of up to 3 months which make short courses, like English language programs, a good fit for dependents on a student visa.

Who is Eligible?

The immediate families of a main applicant on a Student Visa are eligible to apply for a Student Visa for Dependents. Immediate family includes the following:

  1. Partner: Partner includes spouse or de-facto partner of a main applicant on a Student Visa
  2. Children: Under-18 Children to a main applicant on a Student Visa, who are still under the guardianship of, and who fully depend on the main applicant on a Student Visa.

How Long Can Dependent Study in Australia?

Student’s dependents can also apply for a Student Visa for Dependents as Subsequent Entrant given the condition that they are previously declared on the main applicant’s Student Visa application. In other words, Student Visa for Dependents can be applied at the same time or subsequently after the main applicant’s Student Visa.

Your dependents will be allowed to study for a 3 (three) month duration during their stay in Australia. Usually, Student Visa Holder’s dependents would prefer short courses such as English course or any courses that can be finished in a short time.

What is the Requirements?

However, there are different requirements if the main applicant on a Student Visa wants to include school-aged children to stay with him/her in Australia. The children must have been registered with one of the schools nearby their domiciles. It’s in order to put the best interest of the children to receive the best education.

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