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Cancellation of CoE How to Secure almost Cancelled Student Visa

Must-Read! Here’s How To Secure An Almost Cancelled Student Visa After Cancellation Of CoE

Are you an international student in the middle of undertaking your studies in Australia, and struggling to keep up? Hang in there because you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this article, we are going to discuss how studying in Australia can be a real challenge. Worst case scenario is to get a cancellation of CoE and get reported to Immigration. As a result, your student visa can be cancelled. If this happens, stay calm and read on to know your options!

In a hurry, here are the important highlights of this article:

  1. The importance of choosing the right course that matches your true passion and qualification (a case study)
  2. What can you do in 28 days after a cancellation of CoE in Australia?
  3. Things to prepare to get enrolled to a new course after cancellation of CoE
  4. Important matters that may affect your Student Visa validity in Australia after cancellation of CoE

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1. Choosing a program in the academic field that does not suit you may make your overseas study a nightmare. Find a way to find your true passion! (a case study)

The importance of choosing the right course that matches your true passion and qualification

Kudos to international students who have found your true calling for your future career. Undoubtedly you will be able to adapt well in no time, studying something you love. However, others may find it difficult to study something completely new only to find out that it is not something they enjoy learning. As an international student in Australia, your Student Visa requires you to maintain enrolment. Failure to do that may lead to cancellation of Confirmation of Enrolment.

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One of the reasons why International students cannot maintain their studies in Australia and fail many times is because you just found out that your study program does not suit you.

This situation happened to Claire (not real name), an International student who is studying in Australia. She is from Indonesia and was studying Accounting in Australia. She took a Diploma of Accounting and a Bachelor of Accounting in one of the best universities in Melbourne.

Everything ran smoothly at first. She successfully obtained her Diploma of Accounting. Then things fell apart when it was time for her to continue her degree by taking a Bachelor of Accounting.

She felt that accounting is not what she wants to do and she struggled to pass the unit and exams. She even hired a tutor to assist her in studying, yet she still failed in most of her units. She used the opportunity given by her university to repeat her failed units, but she failed again. She then got her enrollment withdrawn, and a cancellation of CoE. After that, Claire’s university notified the Australian Immigration Department through the Provider Registration and International Student Management System (PRISMS) regarding her status.


Several days after the cancellation of her CoE, she was confused because she did not know what to do. She knows that she wants to pursue her education but she does not know what is best for her. At that time, she realized that she needed immediate professional advice, otherwise she might lose her chance to find out and study something that she is passionate about. She decided to contact education ONE. Claire mentioned:

“This 1st year of bachelor degree was making me stressed and a mess. I was trying to do my best to meet the requirement, but it ended up making my uni-life harder. Failing 2 units on my first term really made me feel depressed. I tried to find tutors and it cost me a lot of money. I tried to learn with friends but it didn’t really help. I was worried that if I continued this course, I would not get better but end up dropping out completely. I did not want to waste my time doing something I am not confident in doing. It’s really hard to make this decision but I hope you understand I cannot work on something that I am unhappy doing”

In her consultation with our in-house Migration Agent and education consultant, Claire got the big picture on her options and choices, and the consequences of the cancellation of her CoE. We guided her for the next steps after what happened to her, and gave her some options regarding her further study application. We also discussed with her about the course she would like to do.

coe cancellation 28 days

Claire would like to continue studying after the cancellation of CoE, and we told her that she still has options to secure her Student Visa that was still valid, but she had to get a new CoE within 28 days. Also, since her previous CoE got cancelled, she had only 3 weeks to get a new CoE before the new academic year started. It was a serious situation since it could lead to Student Visa cancellation if we did not act quickly.

Afraid that her Student Visa may get cancelled, she decided to discuss it further with her family. After a long discussion with her family based on our recommendations, she decided that she wanted to continue her studies in Australia but to take a different course which more suited her passion. Claire realizes that she is always happier and she always feels more content to be around people, especially children. She is someone who is always willing to share. She cares more for children and those in need.

We recommended some course programs in Australia and she chose a Bachelor of Education (Primary). She has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care from an Australian college she attended previously, and also a work experience in this field which made her believe that this course would fit her best.

The problems that Claire faced did not stop there. Claire figured out that it would not be easy to get a CoE from one of the best universities in Melbourne because she only had less than three weeks. She knows that applying to a university takes time, especially after a cancellation of CoE. Universities will surely take a longer assessment process than a vocational school or college. It might take more than 2 weeks to issue the offer letter while Claire only has 3 weeks left. Another challenge is to meet the requirements for the Bachelor of Education (Primary) because it requires higher qualifications than most programs. Thus, Claire’s application needed to go through a long assessment process.

After a long wait and with the starting date of the new academic year fast approaching, Claire received a conditional letter of offer from a university in Melbourne. The conditions were :

  1. She had to get IELTS Academic 7.0 (Academic) with no band score less than 7.0 or equivalent.
  2. She has to complete an interview.
    • Claire knew that she needed time to meet all the conditions, and that it would be too risky for her Student Visa since she already had her CoE cancelled.

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Even though Claire has studied in Australia for 4 years, she still needs to provide an IELTS certificate with an overall score of 7.0 with no band score less than 7.0 or equivalent to get admitted to the program. She was not sure that she had enough time to prepare, take the test, and wait for the results before the school start date.

We notified the university about this and asked if it was possible for Claire to commence late because she needed more time to meet the conditions. The university understood the situation and they extended the deadline for Claire to meet the conditions and accept the Offer by 1 week after the intake date, so that she had 3 weeks to fulfill her English requirement. Eventually, Claire decided to take PTE Academics and IELTS as well.

To secure her Student Visa, Claire asked if she could apply for an English course in Australia to prepare for the English test, and to improve her English before continuing her study in Bachelor of Education (Primary).

Unfortunately, this was not possible as her Student Visa is under the Higher Education sector which requires her to be enrolled with a higher education institution taking at least a Bachelor’s program. A CoE of English course alone will not be accepted without a CoE for at least a Bachelor’s degree. This is an Australia Immigration Department regulation that every Australian Student Visa holder needs to comply with.

Then, on her behalf, we asked about the possibility of packaging her Bachelor studies with an English course. The university then confirmed that they could not issue a CoE for packaged courses as this program requires Claire to meet the requirements of the Bachelor’s degree, and the English course could not replace their English requirement for the Bachelor of Education (Primary).

It was an exhausting process for Claire, we always encouraged her not to give up and to always have a backup plan. We provided her with other options that may be of interest to her.

Claire has an interest in working and caring for people in need. Based on this, we suggested a course program in Community Services that can accommodate her passion working in the community. She had a discussion with her manager in her part time job about this course, to get some professional insights. She found that this fitted her perfectly, and she decided to give it a try. We helped her throughout the enrollment process with another university in Melbourne that is known for their community services program.

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We sent the application and requested for an urgent assessment as time was essential. Claire then got her Letter of Offer from the university, this time with no conditions. She decided to accept the offer and got a new CoE from her new University in less than a week.

We provided information on her previous academic background in Early Childhood Education and Care, Accounting, and professional experience as an Educators Assistant to support her application, ensuring a smooth and timely process.

After that, we helped her notify the Immigration on her recent changes in study circumstances to secure her Student Visa.

Currently, everything has gone smoothly and Claire feels happy studying in the field that she enjoys the most, without the fear of getting her Student Visa cancelled anymore.

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student visa cancellation

“Thank you so much, education ONE. I have spoken about the Community Services course with my family and my work mates and it was really good for my future career and fits my dream to work with people in need. It is good to be able to study the course of your dreams.”

We are very glad of this happy ending. It is our priority to assist our clients with their studies in Australia, and eventually provide the best solutions to any issues.

2. What can you do in 28 days after a cancellation of CoE in Australia?

What can you do in 28 days after a cancellation of CoE in Australia

Now, it is understandable that sometimes it may become very overwhelming for international students to meet all the study and visa conditions in Australia, especially when you must adapt quickly to your mounting study load and exams, which would be super hard if you are not in good shape.

If you experience a cancellation of CoE, your academic institution will directly notify the Immigration about your status, and you will have 28 days to leave the country or secure a new CoE. Then, the Immigration will generally issue you a notification of their intention to cancel your Student Visa. It is important for you to get the ball rolling as soon as you make a decision after a cancellation of CoE. Should you desire to remain enrolled in Australia, you will need to send a new application to your previous or a new college / university after a cancellation of CoE.

Contact us for thorough assistance in enrollment after cancellation of CoE.

3. Things to prepare to get enrolled to a new course

Things to prepare to get enrolled to a new course after cancellation of CoE

In your next application after CoE cancellation, keep in mind:

  • To provide all the supporting information and documentation to show your ability to continue your study after a cancellation of CoE;
  • The nearest intake date. If the nearest intake will not start until more than two months, you will need to find a way to address the gap. Your Student Visa generally lets you have a gap between your studies for not more than two months in most circumstances;
  • Always have a second plan. Making an application after a cancellation of CoE may not be as straightforward as it used to be when you were making your first application. Failure to provide enough evidence may lead to a rejection of your application. If the worst happens, make sure you have prepared a backup plan. You could check for any other programs that suit your study interest and future career plan;
  • Should you apply for a program in a new college or university, make sure you have met all the program’s requirements, which include having a valid English test result with sufficient score, getting employment or volunteer certificate that could support your application, and ability to show that you have met the Student Visa requirements such as in terms of financial ability and genuine intention to study;
  • If you would like to apply to a different program in the same college or university in Australia, make sure you first discuss the possibility with your academic advisor, school admission team, or the student services team to avoid losing your time for an application that is going to be turned down;
  • Once you get a Letter of Offer for your new course, check if you need to be released first by your previous college or university. In general, you will not need to be released if you have completed units that comprise one semester with your previous college or university.

Important matters that may affect your Student Visa validity in Australia

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4. Important matters that may affect your Student Visa validity in Australia after cancellation of CoE

After a cancellation of CoE, your new college or university may have concern on your further ability to meet your Student Visa conditions. Many times after a cancellation of CoE, your next study duration will surpass the validity period of your Student Visa, which means that you will have to renew and extend your Student Visa in the future.

Let’s discuss about the matters that will likely affect your eligibility for your next Student Visa application:

a. The assessment level of your country of passport

The Immigration has designed the simplified student visa framework (SSVF) where they use the combined evidence level outcomes of the student’s education provider and country of citizenship to guide whether you need to provide evidence of financial and English language capacity with your student visa application. Make sure you have provided the relevant documents required from you personally along with your next visa application to avoid complexity and negative results.

b. Immigration history

Have you, or a family member experienced a Visa refusal, cancellation, withdrawal or overstaying in any countries? Or have your circumstances changed since the first time you obtained your visa? It is better to tell it to the Australian immigration when you apply for your next visa, otherwise the Immigration will find out and assess your application without any comments from your side.

We know that the Australian visa regulations are very dynamic and vast. However, you would be surprised at all the available support for you as an international student. Remember that you are just starting your great future, and we know it is not easy, but you are not alone.

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Here at education ONE, our consultants can advise you on your eligibility to maintain your study in Australia and current available options and resources based on your situation.

Free Student Visa Consultation with our Consultants

Stay safe, and reach out to us, education ONE Australia through email at [email protected] or via phone at 1300 083 663. Our professional consultants, along with our in-house Australian Registered Migration Agents, ONE derland Consulting, will give you helpful insight into the possibility of your next application.

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