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Australia Student Dependent Visa for Spouse A Case Study

Australia Student Dependent Visa for spouse. Many international students choose to study in Australia because of the cultural diversity, laid-back life, and high quality of education. Australia offers living expenses and tuition costs that are considerably less expensive than the UK and USA. 

Another advantage for this country is International students’ family (spouse and children) can accompany them to Australia until their study ends. They can be either dependents or subsequent entrants of the primary applicant or student visa holder.

International students’ families can join them along with their student visa application (as a dependent) or join them in Australia after the International students have been granted their visa (as a subsequent entrant). However, to be a subsequent entrant applicant, International students must have declared their family members in their student visa application.

International students’ family members may not join the international student by the time they apply for their student visa. There are some conditions that necessitate the family members to delay their application to accompany their spouse or their parents.

Australia Student Dependent Visa for Spouse: A Case Study

This situation happened to Ezekiel Kipleting Rop. He is a Kenyan who is studying at TAFE International Western Australia. He is a newly wed whom his wife live in Kenya. His wife did not accompany him on the first year of his study because she had something to be settled on her home country, Kenya.

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Ezekiel (nickname) told his wife to accompany him after his student visa granted. He needed Jael Jepleting, his wife, to stay in Kenya working while taking care of father of Ezekiel’s business, assets, and properties until she finds a trustworthy and reliable person to handle all of it and will come to Australia to accompany her beloved husband.

Coming From High Risk Country

It was a very difficult decision for Ezekiel to come to Australia on his own for the first time and leave Jael. After a long discussion with her, she agreed and decided that she will continue to stay in their hometown.

Being in a long-distance-marriage is very hard but putting trust in each other will make it possible. However, it really becomes tougher and tougher when they miss each other. After a long wait, the time finally came. Jael’s work contract has ended and she has found a trustworthy and reliable person to handle father of Ezekiel’s business, assets, and properties.

After everything went well in Kenya, Ezekiel wanted to bring her wife to accompany him in Australia. This situation is not as easy as it may seem since Ezekiel is from a high risk country.

Coming from a high risk country, like Kenya, made Ezekiel worries of his wife’s visa application. He did not know how to start the application and whether the application later will go through in a smooth way or not. 

At that moment he was certain that he needed a professional education agent who works under an Australian registered migration agent to handle her wife’s visa application. Therefore, Ezekiel asked us, education ONE, to help him for getting a student (subsequent entrant) visa for his wife. He called us because of his experience of getting his latest student visa with our help. He is now studying a Diploma of Community Services at TAFE International Western Australia. 

The Process of Australia Student Dependent Visa for spouse

Before starting the application, we need to do an assessment of this application. Since we already had several data of Jael in Ezekiel’s latest student visa application, we already did an initial assessment earlier. After assessed this case and collecting the documents thoroughly, we guided them throughout the process of providing enough information and explanation of this application.

Changing OSHC Type

All the documents’s collection process was going well since Ezekiel and his wife was so cooperative by sent the documents as soon as they can. However, Ezekiel bought the wrong type of OSHC Australia for his wife, where he supposed to buy a couple health insurance type for her and also change his OSHC type to couple. 

He had bought a single OSHC Australia for his wife several months before his wife’s visa application processed, as per suggested by his friend. We have explained what the consequences if he still insisted to provide the single OSHC Australia for his wife’s visa application and not a couple OSHC Australia for spouse.

After getting our explanations, Ezekiel was still willing to just give it a go. He said he will change the OSHC policy category when his wife is already in Australia. As his agent, we tried to explain every detail situation that might happen on his circumstances including the worst scenario.

Once the client give their decision, we follow their order and continue to the next process. For Ezekiel’s case, we submitted a brief statement of his wife’s OSHC Australia along with her visa application. 

Incorrect Assessment And The Rebuttal Letter

After submitted for 1 month, the result came out and Ezekiel wife’s application was refused due to incorrect assessment by the case officer. The case officer incorrectly assessed some of their documents. We got surprised on how the Australia Immigration department take their decision on this visa and did not assessed it carefully. 

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We then sent a rebuttal letter to Australia immigration department in Pretoria which declared the mistakes made in this application and proved that we have submitted correct documents. 

We informed Ezekiel and Jael regarding this refusal and his response was “I am shocked and stressed for this but let us wait for it”. We tried to calm them down and explain the possibility of Jael’s visa will ended assessed correctly since we have sent a rebuttal letter to Australia Immigration Department.

The End of This Story..

After waiting for 1 month, fortunately, Ezekiel can get a subsequent entrant visa for his wife. They felt very happy because after a long wait they can finally reunited and spend every minute of every day together. After all this time just missing one another’s presence, now they can feel one another’s presence closely.

I am so happy, thank you so much. God bless you. I am so happy. You guys are already like my family. Thank you for helping me to get my wife’s subsequent entrant visa. I will be an ambassador for education ONE and tell people to come and use your services.”

We are very happy for the ending of this case. It is our priority to assist our clients with their problems and eventually provide the best solutions to any issues. Good luck for your further studies in Australia, Ezekiel and congratulations for your wife’s dependent student visa Australia (subsequent entrant). We are pleased to assist you to achieve your dream, Ezekiel and Jael. 

Dear Jael JEPLETING We have granted you a Student (subclass 500) visa on xx xx xxxx. 

Application status Student (subclass 500): Granted


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Got a question or problem regarding Australia Student Dependent Visa for spouse? Don’t hesitate to contact us here.  

Planning To Get Your Australia Student Dependent Visa For Spouse? Here Is How We Can Help You

Applying for an Australia Student Dependent Visa for spouses from a high risk country may lead to refusal. Contacting a Registered Migration Agent in Australia may be beneficial, and it’s always calming to have professionals taking care of your case, right? 

If you are unsure about what is the best strategy to get your visa granted even tho you are from high risk country, or if you want to discuss your visa matter, book a FREE Student Visa Consultation with one of our Career Development Consultants or contact us education ONE Australia through email at [email protected] or via phone on at 1300 083 663.

Free Consultation

At ONE derland Consulting along with our highly experienced and professional Registered Migration Agents we have a dedicated team of consultants that will be on hand to give you insight and assistance on your next Australia Student Dependent Visa for spouse.

No matter how complicated the situation, we have years of expertise assisting hundreds of international students overcome their visa refusal. Depending on their circumstances, we approach each person individually to find the best possibilities for their future visa. We looking forward to assist you with your visa and dreams of studying in Australia.

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