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ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students. It’s a program designed for international students who want to improve their English before starting studies in Australia.

As an English-speaking country to become international students’ main destination to continue their education, Australia offers English classes through the ELICOS program which is specifically designed to help international students who want to improve their English before commencing study.

Thinking about studying English in Australia? This article from education ONE covers everything you need to know about the ELICOS program. Here’s what you’ll find:

  1. What is ELICOS in Australia?
  2. What are the Benefits of Enrolling in the ELICOS Program?
  3. Eligibility and Requirements
  4. Choosing the Right ELICOS Course
  5. Duration and Intensity of Courses
  6. Success Stories

Feel free to jump ahead to the section that interests you most, or start from the beginning to get a complete picture.

Let’s get started!

What is ELICOS in Australia?

ELICOS is designed for international students who want to improve their English for everyday life in Australia, or to succeed in academic studies or workplaces. The program helps you develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in practical contexts.

Many Australian language schools offer high-quality ELICOS programs, known for their modern teaching methods, innovative curriculum, and supportive learning environments. International students highly recommend them.

We recommend taking ELICOS alongside other courses, or while you’re already studying in Australia. This can improve your visa application success rate compared to studying ELICOS alone.

Book a free consultation with our career advisors to discuss how ELICOS can help you achieve your goals in Australia.

english program in australia 2023

ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) started in the 1980s when the Australian government set high standards for these courses. As more international students arrived, these standards ensured a top-quality ELICOS experience.

What are the benefits of Enrolling in the ELICOS Program?

The ELICOS program offers international students a pathway to gain proficiency in English, which is important for academic, work and social integration in Australia.

Mastering the four elements of English

The benefits are very clear, namely improving English language skills so that international students can participate in various activities in Australia. Participating in the ELICOS program in Australia can give you various advantages, namely improving your English skills in various aspects; speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

ELICOS programs often adopt a holistic and integrated approach, where the four language skills are interrelated. For example:

  1. Students can read the text, discuss it in groups, and then write reflective essays about it.
  2. They may listen to dialogue, take notes, and then engage in discussion based on what they hear.
  3. Reading and writing activities can be linked, in which students read a passage and then summarise or analyse it in written form.
  4. Speaking and listening can be practised through conversation exercises, role plays, and listening comprehension activities.

Speak English with an extraordinary level of confidence

Apart from the four exercises done above, you will feel more benefits from within yourself such as increased confidence when using English and the ability to articulate complex words.

When language skills are refined, individuals are better able to effectively articulate their thoughts, ideas and emotions. They can express themselves clearly and confidently, reducing the risk of misunderstanding or misinterpretation in both social and academic settings.

Study in Regional VS Non-regional Australia

Proficient language skills enable individuals to actively participate in conversations, discussions and debates hence they can contribute meaningfully, share perspectives, and engage in thoughtful interactions. 

Feeling able to join in on a conversation will definitely increase self-esteem, as someone becomes a valuable participant in social and academic contexts. Take a look at the 5 reasons below why mastering English is related to the success of your studies while in Australia:

  1. Idiomatic expressions and phrases will make you more engaging in a conversation
  2. Grammatical proficiency supports you in your daily academic performance
  3. Persuasive and argumentative language allows you to deliver presentations and speeches with confidence
  4. Abstract and technical concepts to discuss intricate concepts, theories, and ideas
  5. With an expanded vocabulary you overcome barriers to avoid simplistic language that might not capture the depth of their thoughts

As individuals navigate various contexts more easily, they develop a stronger sense of competence, which positively influences their self confidence and willingness to engage confidently in everyday interactions.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students. It’s an English language program designed for international students in Australia.
  • Anyone can apply for ELICOS, as long as you meet the general requirements for becoming an international student in Australia. These typically involve things like your academic qualifications and proof of financial support.

What visa to use for ELICOS in Australia?

Let’s start by understanding what visa is used to take an English program in Australia. There are several types of visas available for the ELICOS program, namely:

For those who come on a tourist visa, you can take English courses for no more than 13 weeks, and 17 weeks for Work and Holiday or Working Holiday Visa holders.

Important Note: Visitor visas (Subclass 600) are not recommended for taking English programs as the main purpose.

Student Visa Tip: While you can apply for a Student Visa solely for an English program, including additional studies like a vocational course might strengthen your application.

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English language proficiency prerequisites

You will be tested to find out your English level; after that, the provider will recommend you for the duration of the study and class. Students wishing to take advanced or academic English courses may be required to have a minimum IELTS score or other English proficiency test score. 

Choosing the Right ELICOS Course

You can see the table below to find out the programs in ELICOS. Please note, the available programs may vary, but in general education ONE explains it in the table below.

Student Goals ELICOS Course Recommendations
Want to increase knowledge in everyday English General English
Want to increase knowledge in conversations in the workplace in Australia English for Special Purpose
Want to study on campus in Australia (High School, Diploma and University) English for Academic Purpose
Want to deepen your knowledge on the IELTS, TOEFL, or other test material IELTS / TOEFL Preparation
Want to increase knowledge about English in specific contexts/fields (for example, hospitality, culinary, etc.) English for Special Purposes
Want to teach English in your home country English for Teaching
Increase knowledge of English, as well as a vacation in Australia (usually with a Group) Study Tour

Contact education ONE to understand which ELICOS program suits your needs or BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION today.

This program has many variants to improve English language skills in Australia, don’t choose the wrong program because they all have their own goals. Consult with our Career Development Consultants now to find out what program is right as we will tailor it personally for you.

Course Duration And Providers

There are two main factors that influence how long an ELICOS program lasts in Australia: your visa type and what you want to achieve by studying here. ELICOS courses typically range from 5 to 52 weeks in length. Many programs are structured in ten-week blocks, with your English proficiency level increasing at the end of each block.

So you should first check the institution where you will study English to find your ELICOS duration in Australia.

elicos college in melbourne

Which institutions we recommend to work on your English language proficiency in Australia? Here we have recommendation ELICOS providers in each Australia’s state:

ELICOS colleges in Perth

  • TAFE International Western Australia
  • Edith Cowan College
  • Phoenix College of English

ELICOS colleges in Melbourne

  • Hawthorn English
  • La Trobe

ELICOS colleges in Canberra

  • University of Canberra College English Language Centre
  • ANU Access English

ELICOS colleges in Sydney

  • Navitas English
  • University English Entry Course (UEEC)

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ELICOS colleges in Adelaide

  • CELUSA by the University of South Australia
  • Eynesbury College Academy of English (ECAE)

ELICOS colleges in Brisbane

  • UQ College
  • Griffith English Language Institute

ELICOS Students’ Success Stories in Australia

Many students have proven how powerful the ELICOS program in Australia impact their lives socially and academically, see what students worldwide said, started from Sophia who said the class was very interactive for international students:

“I’m incredibly grateful for my ELICOS experience. The program helped me transition smoothly into university life by improving my English skills. The interactive classes and engaging teachers made learning enjoyable.” -Sophia

Followed by Elena who stated that ELICOS was not only useful during her studies, but is useful even today when you are reading this article:

“As an international student, ELICOS was my best decision. The program’s focus on real-world communication made adapting to life in an English-speaking country much easier. I still use the skills I gained in everyday situations.” -Elena

Learning something that is difficult does require encouragement and a supportive environment to be able to progress, as Khaled said:

“The ELICOS program set the foundation for my academic journey. The well-structured curriculum covered all aspects of language acquisition, and the supportive environment encouraged us to push our boundaries.” -Khaled

free consultation

Of course you can become the next them, all of which can be done by contacting education ONE after reading this ELICOS article. Why do you have to prepare it with us?

  • We provide goals based on what you need. Want to study in a big city? Or looking for the closest with your family? We got what you need.
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  • Our experiences in securing visas in no time for our clients who want to realise their Australian study dreams make us confident with the latest Australian immigration regulations.

If you are unsure of what the next step to prepare your ELICOS course in Australia, or if you want to discuss your visa and the updated regulations, book a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our education specialists or contact us, education ONE Australia, through email at [email protected] or via phone at 1300 083 663.

With years of experience helping students all over the world, we will be delighted to assist you. Our Career Development Consultants will guide you, no matter how complex your circumstances are.

What are you waiting for? Contact us right now, and we can’t wait to see you in this beautiful country!

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