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In September 2019, the Australian Department of Home Affairs downgraded the risk assessment for students from India, Nepal and Pakistan to level 3 from level 2. This means the applicants for “Australian Student Visa” from those countries are required to provide evidence of financial support and English proficiency if they plan to study with an Education Provider whose rating is either two or three.

Following the assessment level changes, Australia also raised the financial requirements for the annual living cost to AUD $21,041 which is required as an addition to the course fee.

Visa applicants with their spouses or de facto partners must provide evidence of another AUD $7,362 and for those with a dependent child, another AUD $3,152. In the case of the child continuing his/her studies, the annual school cost of AUD $8,296 will be required as well. 

The proof of these funds is usually by the savings balance in a bank account or by fixed deposits. However, if this proof cannot be provided, the parents can give evidence of their annual income to support the student visa applicant of AUD $62,222 for a single applicant and AUD $72,592 if there’s a second applicant.

The downgrade of assessment level and the increase in financial requirements become an issue for students from “high risk” countries. It had been reported earlier this month a certain Education provider had cancelled or withdrawn Confirmation of Enrolments (CoEs) and offer letters to Indian students.


Migration agents say that the mentioned policy will affect student numbers from the “high risk” countries. Data shows that in 2018, Indian students placed as the second-largest group of international students in Australia. Nepal placed the third group and Pakistan placed the sixth group. 

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