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When you decide to continue your studies in Australia, the first thing to do is to have a destination, course and study provider.  You can conduct research on campuses and study programs in Australia. When you have decided on an education provider and course to take in Australia, you can send your application and apply for your student visa.

As soon as you arrive in Australia, you will start your academic journey with the education provider of your choice for 2 years for a diploma, 3 years for a bachelor, or 1.5 until 2 years for a masters.

However, as time goes by it may turn out that your chosen provider does not provide satisfactory service or things become less than you have expected. In that case, can an international student change or move between academic providers? It depends.

There are some factors determining whether or not you can change study providers.

Moving between academic providers is not simple, you have to follow the relevant regulations. One of the regulations is that you have to provide strong reasons as to why you need to change providers. Also, you must have decided on a new education provider, and since you are already in Australia, you can pay a visit to the new education provider.

You have to provide sufficient reason and evidence when you are proposing for a release letter from your current education provider. Failure to do that may cause your studies to be terminated It will be beneficial for you to seek professional assistance in this matter.

And that is where Education ONE can help you to make your dream of studying in Australia a reality.

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