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Australian Visa Changes on July 2020

Check How Australian Visa Regulation Changes in 2020 Affect you

For you who have planned to study in Australia in 2020, you must be asking what’s the newest regulation for studying and applying for a student visa. Even in this uncertain time, many of you do not let your dreams of getting the best education sink in. Despite some delayed processing time, Australian visas were still processed as usual. Entering the new financial year of 2020-2021, here’s what you need to know about the visa regulation changes and their effects not only on international students but also skilled migrants, partners, and aged parents. 

Visa Regulation Changes for International Students July 2020

This unprecedented situation may present you a good opportunity to study critical fields in Australian regional areas as reported cases keep decreasing there. The Prime Minister Scott Morisson with the federal government is working with state governments to let international students come to Australia on a pilot basis. However, in this pandemic situation, onshore applicants become a priority compared with those who make visa applications from outside Australia. Offshore applications may face a delay in processing time but don’t worry, the Immigration will still process your visa. 

How if I have submitted my student visa but my studies have been postponed, should I withdraw my visa application? You don’t need to withdraw your visa application. What you need to do is to notify the changes in circumstances to the immigration. 

I have got my student visa but I can’t come to Australia to study due to the border closure. What should I do? Check with your education provider if you can study online so you can start from your home country, and come to Australia when the border reopens. 

Another regulation change is for those studying in the regional area. International students who have finished at least 2 years higher education in Australian regional areas, and then apply for a Post-Study Work Visa or Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) to stay and work in Australian regional areas, the government announced an initiative for an additional one or two years post-study work visa, to continue stay and work in Australian regional areas. 

For Student Visa fees, up until now, the government has not made any changes. However, the credit card surcharges for visa payment increases from 1.32 % from the total fees to 1.40 % from the total fees. See below for the visa fees information:

Base application AUD $620
Additional applicant (aged 18 and over) AUD $460
Additional applicant (aged 18 and under) AUD $150

Meanwhile, as per July 2020, student visa applicants are required to show an annual income of at least AUD 62,222 for single students, and AUD 72,592 for students with dependents. As an alternative, Student visa applicants can choose to show sufficient funds to cover your travel costs and 12 months of living and tuition fees for you and your accompanying family members and school costs for any school-aged dependents. 

The cost of annual living amounts will stay in line with Australia’s consumer price index. From July 2020, every application where evidence of funds is required should include the updated cost of living amounts in their calculation of funds:

  • student or guardian – AUD 21,041
  • partner or spouse – AUD 7,362
  • child – AUD 3,152.

Visa Regulation Changes for Skilled migrants, partners, and aged parents

Following a turbulent year of immigration regulation changes upheld by the COVID-19 pandemic, not only international students, skilled migrants, partners and aged parents looking to visit or to permanently move are confronting an uncertain future “more than ever” but applicants with vital skills may have bigger chances. 

General Skilled migration changes July 2020:

All states usually adjust their occupation lists to accommodate the next year’s allocations of places for visas.

But this year, changes would be more “critical yet short term” to accommodate Australia’s response to the ongoing health crisis, which has barred many existing visa holders from entering the country. Priority will be given to occupations in sectors that are critical to the coronavirus response, such as medicine, health, infrastructure, and trades, over other occupations.

Check out ONE derland Consulting, our sister company, newest article for more information. 

Partner Visa Changes July 2020

If you are the applicant for a Partner Visa in 2020, you must be wondering what’s going on with your visa application. The processing time has changed to 21-28 months for onshore applications and 13-17 months for the applications from outside Australia. This can even take longer, depending on each case. Therefore, you need to update your application regularly.

As well as all the above’s information every July as the new financial year starts, the Department of Home Affairs usually increases the visa application fee. We will update you immediately once the Department has published the latest fees.

Parent Visa Changes July 2020

For you who want to reunite with family, this year would be a good time to bring your parents to Australia. With the introduction of the new visa subclass 870, you can still bring your parents for up to 5 years. The Department has provided about 15,000 quotas for parents to come each year.

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