Studying in a new country with a different culture has a lot of challenges. This sometimes makes some students feel stressed because of all the new things that come with adapting. This can affect the student’s health because of all the overwhelming situations between studying and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes they can forget the most essential thing to have as an International student and that is to manage your student Visa. This situation might lead to forgetting to renew their visa before it expires and results in overstaying, while still studying in Australia.

This situation happened to one of the students from Indonesia, Miss Kristiani. Miss Kristiani went to one of the best Universities in Australia taking a Bachelor of Design degree. At first, she was enrolled in Monash College taking a Diploma of Art and Design. 

After finishing her studies in Monash College, she then continued to Monash University to go forward with a Bachelor of Design. In the middle of her studies at Monash University she was unhappy with her course there. She said that she likes illustrations and animations, that is why she chose to continue her studies in Bachelor of Design. She felt happy when she was in Monash College and got several achievements for her studies. 

Unfortunately when she continued to Monash University, she felt that everything was so academic and did not satisfy her desire to study Illustrations and Animations. It made her unable to choose her personal preferences to study. She failed 2 units : Research for Design for Home and Away and Design and the City. She was then made by Monash University to retake these units. 

Her dissatisfaction got worse as she had severe anxiety and had to cope with it alone in Australia without telling her parents because she thought if she told them they would worry. That made her anxiety worse and she did not do well with her studies and she did not like the course either. She tried to help herself by going to several psychologists and took medication while she was in Australia, to make her anxiety less and she was trying to find another university that suited her better for her study in Design. 

Miss Kristiani needed to approach the University personally to find a course for her and to enroll in a class since she was transferring credit from her previous studies and also it was  in the middle of the school year so this did not help either.

As an International student, Miss Kristiani needs to take 4 units, but she only got enrolled in a one unit course. Miss Kristiani needed to actively approach the student headquarters in some of the Universities to ask for assistance and to discuss this matter. As it was very urgent she needed to personally contacted the unit convenors to get a place in a class and she emailed the units convenors by herself to get help. 

She finally got into Swinburne University that allowed her to transfer credit from her previous study at Monash University. She chose Swinburne University because some of her friends had recommended it and she researched several Universities in Australia that provide Design courses. She went through all that to find which university will suit her desire of studying design and decided on Swinburne. Other than that, she also weighed her choice to Swinburne University because Swinburne also provides an Accessibility program to help students with disability and also mental illness to help them handle the anxiety and depression just like herself. The staff and also the counsellors are so much friendlier  and helpful rather than the one in Monash University Health Facility

At that time she had already missed class for one week. Miss Kristiani’s situation did not stop after she found a new university for her design study. She then had another problem which related to her housing, she had gotten distracted because she needed to find the nearest accommodation  to her new university and she had to move several times. Her old apartment was located in Caulfield, which was near to her previous campus in Monash University but a 23-minute walk away from Swinburne. She needed to find other accommodation nearer to Swinburne .

While arranging her accommodation and study Miss Kristiani was also busy maintaining her health as her anxiety kept coming back and getting worse with all the situations she had faced during the last few weeks. This situation forces her to go to several psychologists and counsellors, as well as taking several medications to make her anxiety lessen.

She was so busy with everything that she missed the most  important thing to support her study in Australia her student Visa Renewal and it was already expired when she started her new studies. Miss Kristiani had overstayed her stay in Australia when she contacted Education ONE to help her renew her Australia student Visa. It was beyond her control she was not intending to overstay in Australia and breach the regulation of her student visa. 

Miss Kristiani told us,

“Despite the foregoing facts, when my credit transfer was accepted by Swinburne University of Technology, I was very determined to focus on my studies and not to make the same mistake that I forget and unintentionally overstayed my student visa. As I was already a student in Australia since 2015, I am fully aware that a student visa is essential for me to stay legally in Australia and that I will never try to break the rules.I hope I will be able to continue my studies and finish them on time.”

Since Miss Kristiani has overstayed in Australia for several days, we suggested for her to take a consultation with our sister company, ONE derland Consulting, for her to get the best solution and she did not have much of a choice. She accepted our recommendation as she needed the Student Visa extended as soon as possible. 

Miss Kristiani had a consultation with our Principal Migration Agent, who has the expertise in migration and Australia Visa matters,. 

After the consultation with our Principal Migration Agent, Miss Kristiani got all the answers of what to do next to save her visa even though she overstayed. She then agreed to process her student visa extension thru our agency. We did not have much time to process the visa, so we gathered all the documents and information from Miss Kristiani as fast as we could and lodged her visa application after we got some of the essential information about her. 

We suggested Miss Kristiani  supply us with some documents regarding her problem with her health, and other essential information, such as her medical certificate from Monash’s health care, her prescriptions, her medical reports, and all other documents that really proved she had a special case and could not renew her visa due to her condition and there was no intention to overstay or breach her visa conditions. It was rather a hard case as Miss Kristiani needed to make an appointment with her doctor and counsellors to get the medical reports, but then the doctor and counsellor needed to reschedule their meeting with her because of unforeseen reasons so we need to wait patiently for Miss Kristiani to get those documents. 

Miss Kristiani also needed to go back and forth to her doctor and counsellor and Monash University to get her release letter and medical certificate to prove her health is the reason why she needed to change her course and universities. We also needed Miss Kristiani to contact her psychiatrist in Indonesia to provide us with her medical reports. Miss Kristiani also caught up with her new course and university as she already missed one week of classes. She needed to catch up with her studies, that also made it so difficult to reach out as she was very busy. 

It was also difficult for her to gather all the documents as some of her documents are in Indonesia. Not only did we keep in contact with Miss Kristiani we also kept communicating with her parents and asked for their help to gather Miss Kristiani’s documents in Indonesia. While we were all busy gathering all documents for Miss Kristiani’s Visa application, the clock is still tickling and that made Miss Kristiani overstay even longer so we need to do it as fast as we could.

As Education Agents, we tried our best for Miss Kristiani’s Student Visa by finding all possible ways to help and all documents which would win her case. The worst scenario that we might get from her situation is that her Visa might get refused and we need to appeal at AAT and we had made her aware of those conditions. But as a professional agent, of course, we did not want those conditions to happen to her as she did not intend to breach her visa nor to illegally stay in Australia. She only wanted to solve her problem by herself without troubling her family and to get the Australian degree so she can return home proud. 

Finally, we gathered all of her information and documents in less than a week and lodge her Visa application only a week after her visa expired. We communicated with Miss Kristiani and also her parents to get additional information about her and her family which hadn’t already been submitted. We tried our best to make Miss Kristiani’s Student Visa application bulletproof and decision-ready.

After we lodge Miss Kristiani’s student visa, she got a Bridging Visa C but the next problem was Miss Kristiani wanted to go back to Indonesia for a medical check-up for her TMJ (The temporomandibular joint) and her braces before her student visa was granted. She insisted that she had to go back to Indonesia because she already had an appointment with her doctor for a medical check-up. We told her that under the Bridging Visa C’s conditions, she was not allowed to go outside Australia. Miss Kristiani had already got the medical check-up request for her visa at this time. We suggested that she wait until her Visa was granted first and then she can go to Indonesia after that. After a long discussion with Miss Kristiani, she then agreed to do a medical check-up first in Australia and wait for her visa until it is granted.

After doing the medical check-up Miss Kristiani finally got her student Visa granted just a week after she did the medical check-up. Education ONE helped her to maintain her legal status in Australia to be able to continue her studies. We were very relieved that we were able to get Miss Kristiani’s visa application process in just a week after her previous visa expired. Although we were very nervous at first that we may not get all that was needed and processed for her visa to be ready but we are very happy her Visa is done. Even though there was a lot of obstacles and difficulties we finally overcame it all to our client’s satisfaction. We tried our best to minimize the time spent to gather her documents to gain her legal status so she can safely continue her studies in Australia.

Miss Kristiani and her parents felt happy because Miss Kristiani now can go back to Indonesia, without any worries of her legality status, as she wished to do medical check-up with her doctor and to maintain her health before she goes back again to Australia.

She is now very satisfied and happy with her new course and University as they suit her preferences to study Design. She is also getting better with her anxiety and now is able to go and socialise and meet her friends. 

We are glad this case had a happy ending for Miss Kristian and she was able to get her student Visa granted and we are pleased to assist her to be able to continue her studies in Australia.

Dear Kristianixxxx

We have issued you a Bridging C visa while your Student (subclass 500) application is being processed.

Application status

New Student (subclass 500) application: Received

Bridging C visa: Active

Bridging C visa conditions

8101 – No work

An explanation of each condition of this Bridging C visa is included below.

You can check the conditions of your Bridging visa at any time by using the Visa Entitlement

Verification Online (VEVO) service. The four-digit number presented next to each condition

above is used in VEVO to identify each condition that applies to this Bridging C visa.

Planning to travel?

This Bridging visa will end if you leave Australia.


Dear Kristianixxxxx

We have granted you a Student (subclass 500) visa on 29 May 2019.


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