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Reasons for Student isa Refusal: Case And 2023 Options

Reasons for Student visa refusal may vary. Today, Australian immigration regulations accept applications attentively. When an Australian student visa application wasn’t granted, many people asked why it was refused? 

Even though you already put everything in place, a small mistake can make the dream of going to Australia frantic. Every future international student might need to fulfil all the documents the Australian Immigration requests, so you will not be facing a Student visa refusal.

Today, education ONE will share with you the reasons for student visa refusal in Australia. Are you ready, mate?

Understanding The Reasons for a Student Visa Refusal

overcoming australian student visa refusal

You have applied for a valid student visa to study in Australia. Still, unfortunately, in some circumstances, your Australian student visa application got refused. Many people wonder what are the reasons for their Student Visa refusal by the Department of Home Affairs.

The Australian Government has stringent guidelines that applicants must follow for Australian student visa applications. These regulations are made to capture the genuineness of visa applicants, the intention, and what they do with the visa granted.

The Australian Government does not want Australian student visas to be misused by irresponsible parties for purposes other than studying, seeking knowledge, and other listed rights.

There are five reasons that you should consider when applying for an Australian Student Visa so you can be more cautious with the refusal:

English test score

When you apply for a student visa, you must provide English test results unless you are exempted. Your English test result must meet the required minimum score before applying for a student visa. 

Your visa will automatically be refused when you do not meet the minimum English score needed to apply for a Student Visa.


Age can also be a factor in student visa refusal. Indeed, in the rules, there is no actual age limit for applying for a student visa. 

However, the Australian Department of Home Affairs may question if your age is far from the general age of students in the program of study you are applying for.

Lack of plan

You must prove that you have sufficient knowledge of your plans to study in Australia during an interview with the Australian Department of Home Affairs..

Visa history

If you have ever violated immigration rules anywhere worldwide, it may affect your visa application to Australia. You will need to state where and why you were violating immigration rules, and how you guarantee that it will not repeat itself if you are being granted a visa to Australia.

Financial requirements

The Australian Government suggests that all students studying in Australia have sufficient finances during their study period in Australia. The costs shall include travel costs to Australia, study fees, living expenses, and accommodation while in Australia.

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Case Study

There was once a case of an international student from China who misused their student visa for prostitution in Australia. This kind of thing is what the Australian Government wants to avoid. 

We cannot blame the Australian Government for wanting to protect its citizens. 

We must prepare our Australian student visa as well as possible, fulfil all the requirements, prove that you are genuine in your application, and follow the regulations!

What Are The Reasons Australian Immigration Reject Your Australian Student Visa Application?

reasons for student visa refusal

This can happen to all types of Australian visas and can be for a variety of reasons. Australian Student Visa refusal can occur for many reasons, such as:

  • The school you want is not registered with CRICOS – the registration number indicates the specific school that can accept international student applications.
  • You do not meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) needs and have no genuine intention to study in Australia;
  • You do not meet the Australian health or character requirements;
  • The documents shown do not meet the requirements. The paper needs to be clarified, its authenticity is doubtful, and it is not what was requested by the Australian embassy.
  • The information provided in the visa form is inappropriate, contrived, out of sync, and suspicious.
  • Providing incorrect or false information in the application;
  • Insufficient finances, unclear sources of funds, significant funds suddenly listed in savings accounts and maybe sponsors who need to provide clear and firm statements of support.
  • Some transactions are sudden without an apparent source and purpose.
  • Have been involved in previous immigration cases in Australia and other countries that doubted the genuineness of your application.
  • …and other reasons may be found by the Immigration Service and they may doubt the genuineness of your application.

How to avoid the things mentioned above? Of course, we want your Australian student visa application to run smoothly and be granted. 

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Hence if you are applying for an Australian student visa with us, you will need to be super honest because we will try to find a way for your case.

Your Key Options After an Australian Student Visa Refusal

If you experience visa refusal, you have two options that can be done. 

The first option: Australian immigration law allows you to apply for a student visa again. 

Many applicants who previously had a history of visa rejection then applied for a visa again, and finally managed to get a visa with the same or a different subclass. Of course, this re-submission must be stronger than the previous submission in terms of the supporting documents and information provided.

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The second option: you can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a visa refusal decision review. 

visa refusal appeal aat australia

Suppose the rejection occurs while you are already in Australia, you may appeal for a merit review for your Student Visa Refusal decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Appeals can take months to process. In that case, the applicant will be issued a bridging visa allowing them to remain legally in Australia while waiting for the decision of their appeal. 

AAT Appeal is a very complex process; you will need to provide substantial evidence as to why your student visa should not have been refused. If your claim is accepted, you can win the case at AAT. AAT will ask the immigration authority to change its decision and grant your visa. 

You have 21 days to appeal to the AAT from the visa refusal date.

Australian Registered Migration Agent, MARN 0961448, will be happy to assist you along the way during your appeal to AAT and visa re-application process. Contact us today!

Now You Understand The Reasons for Student Visa Refusal, What’s Next?

Reasons for Australian student visa refusal are super complex. You don’t have to face it alone; you got us! There’s no better time to contact us and solve your complex case worry-free.

Education ONE will provide a detailed explanation of the school/university you want to attend; this will ensure the chosen major is registered with CRICOS. We will also assist with the school registration process until you get a CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment) to be used to apply for a student visa in Australia. Get FREE CONSULTATION today.

free consultation

We do it all by preparing documents, filling out visa forms, final checking documents, the application. We ensure that your application flawlessly fulfils all the requirements needed so that you can maximise the possibility of your Australian student visa application being granted. 

Please call us at +61 490 908 189 or email us your case to [email protected] if you are interested in continuing your education in Australia. 

We will assist you from start to finish without worrying about any problems with the Australian student visa application. 

See you in Australia, mate!

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