beasiswa-Australia-2020One of the biggest challenges for high school leavers is to decide what’s next for their higher education. Some of them choose to continue their studies in their home countries, but some decide to expand their world by continuing their studies overseas. Australia is the sixth most preferred study destination in the world following the US, UK, Germany, France, and Canada.

Are you one of the international students who want to continue their studies overseas? Have you decided on a destination city to study in? Stay on this page to know the advantages of studying in an Australian regional area, which include a wide range of scholarships!

Currently, as reported by the ministers.education.gov.au, there are almost 1,200 scholarships worth approximately AU $ 19.5 million available in regional areas of Australia. These scholarships are available both for international and local students going to universities and vocational education providers in regional areas of Australia.

According to the Minister of Education, Dan Tehan, the international and local students may apply for one of 1,180 scholarships that are available through the Destination Australia program.

The program offers a scholarship valued at AU $15,000 per year for students who study in various academic institutions in regional areas. The program aims to draw the students’ interest to study in regional areas in Australia as well as to provide sufficient support for them.

What’s more, this program is intended to maintain the development of higher education providers in regional areas in Australia, and offer international-quality education for students.

“Education for international students gave AU $ 35 billion contributions to the economic sector last year, and people living in regional areas should share these benefits,” said Tehan.

“An increase in the numbers of students in educational institutions in regional areas will improve the local economy and result an improvement on social, economic, and cultural sectors.”

“Regional Areas also offer various benefits for international students such as smaller classrooms, more affordable living costs and a relaxed comfortable lifestyle.

 “Of 690,000 international students in Australia, just three per cent of them were enrolled in regional areas in 2018, and the Destination Australia program worth $93.7 from our government will change that.”

After reading this article, are you interested in continuing your study in regional areas of Australia? If yes, you can have a direct consultation with the consultants of education ONE, who will guide you throughout the process!

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
if you wish to get help with your study and visa. Just book a call!
I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
if you wish to get help with your study and visa. Just book a call!