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student visa working hours and temporary graduate visa duraction increased in july 2023

International students currently studying or planning to study in Australia will be pleased to know that changes to Australia’s student and graduate visa regulations are set to take place in July 2023. 

These changes to Australia’s student and graduate visa will have an impact on who is eligible for work rights and for how long, which may open up new opportunities for graduates looking to work in Australia. 

For more information on what specific changes are being made, who will be affected by them, and how to take advantage of them, education ONE has released a news article about Student and Graduate visa change in July 2023 which can be found below.

What Caused This Change?

Temporary Graduate Visa change in July 2023 is because The Albanese Government is making moves to tackle the skill shortages in Australia, as announced by the Hon Jason Clare MP and a media release. 

Quoting from Minister for Education Jason Clare:

“We have got the second highest skills shortage in the developed world, according to the OECD. Skills shortages are everywhere.”

An effective measure to combat this issue is to expand the post-study work rights for foreign students who finish their education in an Australian higher education institution. 

Not only will this help revive the international education sector, but it will also provide businesses across the nation with the support they need by creating a bigger pool of skilled professionals, Jason Clare added:. 

“As well as delivering the skills and qualifications Australia needs, the measure will make Australia more attractive as a study destination, helping the recovery of the international education sector and boosting earnings from Australia’s education exports.”

This practical and precise strategy will alleviate the current pressures and further strengthen the workforce in Australia.

Who is eligible for this change?

The Australian Government has made public the list of eligible qualifications and occupations that will provide graduates with better work rights. 

student and graduate visa change in july 2023

The Government has focused its efforts on the areas that Australia demands the most, namely teaching, health, engineering, and agriculture, and will revise the list annually, keeping in mind the requirements of the labour market.

The Australian Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) is undergoing favourable changes in July 2023!

The Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) update in July 2023 has received an intriguing extension of time – read on for more details.

Post-Study Work Right Duration Increase

Starting July 1, 2023, the enhanced work rights will take effect, with the current settings getting extended by two years.

  • Bachelor graduates will be eligible for extended visa duration from two to four years, 
  • Masters graduates will be eligible for extended visa duration from three to five years, and 
  • all Doctoral graduates will be eligible for extended visa duration from four to six years. 

In addition to the current additional work rights of one to two years for eligible students who study, live, and work in regional areas, the extension will provide further work rights to international graduates. 

This means that those who are eligible will be able to work for an even longer period of time in regional areas, helping to boost the workforce and support businesses in those regions.

temporary graduate visa 485 change in july 2023

What are the criteria required to meet this Temporary Graduate Visa change in July 2023?

International graduates who possess a valid Temporary Graduate Visa on July 1, 2023, or those who apply for one after that date, will be evaluated for the two-year extension. 

Graduates whose visa expires prior to July 1, 2023, may request an extension of their work rights by attending Australian Government-sanctioned events under the Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408), particularly those related to the COVID-19 Pandemic event.

Has the Graduate Work Stream also undergone changes?

Regrettably, the Temporary Graduate Visa page does not have any official information released for the Graduate Work Stream, nor is there any current news stating that a diploma degree or its equivalent will also undergo this change. 

We’ll have to wait and see together.

Student Visa Working Hours Also Change In July 2023

International students holding Australian student visas will once again have their working hours policy eased. While not as lenient as before, it is still more flexible than the original guidelines. 

Read the Student Visa working hours change in July 2023 below.

What were the working hours on the previous student visa?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to multiple changes in the regulations governing working hours for international students on Australian student visas.

Working hours rules on Australian Student Visa – Condition 8105

Condition 8105 may be a term that you are already familiar with if you are either on a Student Visa (Subclass 500) or in the process of gathering information before applying for one.

Student visa 8105 working limitation condition

Previously, while international students pursued their studies in Australia, the government restricted their working hours to only 40 hours per fortnight.

Relaxation of Australian Student Visa working hours valid until June 2023.

During the pandemic, the work restrictions on student visas were loosened, and since January 2022, primary and secondary student visa holders have been permitted to work unlimited hours in order to address workforce shortages. 

However, this arrangement will come to an end on June 30, 2023.

What Will Change In The Student Visa Working Hours In July 2023?

The unrestricted work rights for student visa holders will end on 30th June 2023. Following this date, international students on a student visa will need to follow the new work restrictions.

The upcoming change in work restrictions for student visa holders in Australia will increase the maximum working hours to 48 hours per fortnight, which is different from the pre-pandemic normal rules when the government only permitted student visa holders to work up to 40 hours only per fortnight. 

This change may be seen as a positive development and to make a ‘less exploitative’ program for temporary visa workers, Clare O’Neil said:

“After a lost decade on immigration and skills we are looking for ways to utilise skilled migrants via enhanced training and better targeted, less exploitative programs for temporary visa workers and students.

From the 1st July 2023, the Australian government will reinstate work restrictions for student visa holders, and the maximum number of hours that they can work will be capped at 48 hours per fortnight while study is in session, and unlimited on semester breaks.

Changing working hours on a student visa, is this beneficial?

International students and industries in Australia have reportedly welcomed the decision to extend work hours, as it is expected to provide significant relief to the current workforce pressure. 

This Student Visa working hours change also will affect the opportunity for migration:

“This work is being undertaken as we work towards the conclusion of the migration review and continue to reform our broken migration and skills system.”

However, it is important to remember that this decision can have both positive and negative consequences. 

While the increased work hours may provide more opportunities to earn money, it is crucial to maintain a balance with your studies. 

Neglecting studies could result in the cancellation of the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and the Student Visa, making the increased work hours irrelevant. 

Therefore, it is important for international students to prioritise their studies and ensure they have a positive academic experience in Australia.

student visa working hours change in july 2023

The following are the requirements that international students must still fulfil despite the increased work hours:

  • Continue to be enrolled in their course
  • Attend their classes regularly
  • Make satisfactory progress in their studies

Always remember your main goal is to study, not work.

That’s about the change in student visa working hours and the duration increase in Temporary Graduate Visas in Australia. Are you excited?

In summary, the Australian government’s decision to increase the working hours for international students on a Student Visa and the extension of the Temporary Graduate Visa has been well received by students and industries alike. 

While the new changes to Australia’s student and graduate visa will allow students to work more and potentially earn more money, it is important to remember that the primary purpose of being on a Student Visa is to study and maintain satisfactory course progress. 

As such, students must ensure they continue to fulfil their course obligations to avoid any negative consequences. 

With these changes to Australia’s student and graduate visa set to take effect in July 2023, international students can look forward to a more flexible and supportive study experience in Australia.

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