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student visa extension in australia

This Is How You Get Your Student Visa Extension In Australia

Student visa extension in Australia? There is no legal way to get more duration from the same visa, but you can still get your student visa extended by re-applying. 

It’s necessary to understand the steps and duration. It is recommended to submit an application for a new student visa before your original one expires.

What Are The Conditions To Get a New Student Visa?

While it is not possible to renew or extend your current student visa, you can still apply for a new one if it expires before the completion of your study.

According to Unimelb, when any of the following scenarios apply to you, you should apply for a new student visa to the DHA before your original visa expires:

  • Commenced a new course.
  • Failing your course
  • Extension of your research
  • Your current visa will expire before your postgraduate research thesis marking
  • The Department of Home Affairs administratively terminated your first visa.

student visa extension application in australia

This article will guide you on how to extend an Australian student visa. Here is the teaser: 5 steps on how to get a student visa extension in Australia.

  1. Contact an education agent with an in-house Registered Migration Agent
  2. Request a new Confirmation of Enrolment
  3. OSHC extension is also necessary to get a student visa extension in Australia
  4. Prepare your application documents
  5. Submit your application

You can go on if you are interested in the details,or book a free consultation if you want more explanation from our education consultant.

Step By Step to Get Your Australian Student Visa Extension

The student visa step may vary depending on from where you are applying. When you apply onshore, you will be given a Bridging Visa A. When your existing student visa expires, Bridging Visa A will allow you to stay in Australia while your visa is being reviewed. 

You should wait for the visa decision if you are applying outside Australia before travelling there.

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1. Contact an education agent that has a Registered Migration Agent.

call education one to get student visa extension in australia

Preparing a visa application yourself could be terrifying, don’t risk any refusal on your account. Refusal and cancellation will forever be in your visa history all around the world, and it will affect your future applications.

An education agent like education ONE will help you to prepare anything you need for your case, from a document checklist to legal advice from Registered Migration Agent Australia.

Of course, you might want to choose education ONE as your agent. Our RMA’s name is Indah Melindasari with MARN 0961 448.

Due to a lack of information, Australian immigration may refuse your visa application. You can use migration professionals to appeal the judgement when your visa application is rejected and determine additional information you could provide. In this case, they may email you to ask for more information before deciding to refuse your visa.

Note: Option to appeal only applies to people applying for onshore visas.

2. Request a new Confirmation of Enrolment

Obtaining a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from your academic institution is the third stage procedure for your student visa extension in Australia. Check the expiration date of your present CoE before requesting a new visa. It’s possible that this already covers the time you need to add.

  • You might need to check your student email to find the most recent version of your CoE.
  • You must ask for an extended CoE if this is too short of finishing.
  • You must give the academic department enough time to process this and return it to you. 

Note: You must pay your visa fees before they process your application. 

Once you meet all the requirements and fee payments, you will receive an email including your Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE).

3. OSHC extension is necessary to get a student visa extension in Australia

The Australian government requires all international students studying in Australia to get health insurance and keep it current throughout their stay. You have two options: stick with your current insurer or look for a different one. Adjust your OSHC policy to the new visa validity duration that you need. 

You have to manually renew your OSHC because it won’t increase in the duration with the visa automatically. The starting and finishing dates must coincide with the student visa’s length of stay requirement. Therefore, you must contact the healthcare provider to update your coverage. 

You must also include your OSHC policy number when submitting your student visa application.

4. Prepare your documents

It’s crucial to remember that the list of necessary visa documents can change based on your place of origin and the institution of higher learning you have selected. Because of these factors, each applicant’s checklist is unique. A document checklist tool can offer some assistance on the Department of Home Affairs website. It is crucial to remember that the list is susceptible to modification, making it advantageous to frequently check the website for updates.

The list may differ for every applicant, but these are the typical documents:

Here are what student visa extension requirements Australia needs:

  • Personal Documents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport identity page
  • National identity Card
  • All pages of the household registration book, and
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Marriage certificate (for married students)
  • OSHC Policy Number
  • HAP ID
  • Proof of financial capacity
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

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Secure your CoE for your current course or new course/s you plan on studying. It’s critical for the government and visa authority to understand how long you will require the visa, depending on the course.

5. Submit your application

After submitting your application, keep an eye out for emails from the Department of Home Affairs informing you of the progress of your request. To continue, you must pay a charge and attach all required paperwork. You can apply online with the help of a Registered Migration Agent.

The Department of Home Affairs would issue you a letter of acceptance and a Bridging Visa A (BVA) if your student visa application was filed while you were onshore as soon as it had been received. To stay up to date on any correspondence regarding the status of your application, it is crucial to often check the email address yo\u designated. This may facilitate a quick and easy application procedure.

Are you still wondering about how to extend your Australian student visa? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

How much does extending a student visa in Australia cost in 2022?

how much does it cost to extend a student visa in australia

Student visa extension in Australia will cost you $650 for the primary applicant, payable when you lodge your application. 

For additional applicants (dependent) 18 and over, you need to add $485 and $160 for other applicants under 18. Also there is $700 for subsequent temporary application charge.

How long can I stay in Australia after my student visa expires?

To stay in Australia, you need a valid visa. Staying in Australia without a valid visa is against the law. Knowing when your visa expires will enable you to take the necessary steps to maintain your legal status.

If the applicant overstays their visa by more than 28 days, any subsequent application for an Australian visa will be subject to an exclusion period. This indicates that they won’t be able to obtain a visa to enter or remain in Australia for at least three years.

What happens if my student visa renewal application gets refused?

After a visa is denied, you can reapply for a student visa whenever you are ready. Please be aware that you now have a history of visa refusals, so you must pay more attention while getting ready to submit your next visa application.

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How long is the student visa extension Australia processing time?

According to the Department of Home Affairs, Australia’s Student visa processing takes 12 to 14 weeks to get done.

Need Help For Extending Your Australian Student Visa? Trust The Professional, We Can Help You.

After reading about how to get your Student visa extension in Australia, you might want to be mindful of your current Student visa expiration date. You will need to remain in Australia lawfully and don’t risk visa refusal to finish your dream study in Australia.

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