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Australia Study Options for International Students during COVID-19 Pandemic

Australia Study Options for International Students during COVID-19 Pandemic

Studying abroad during the current COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Australia, might become a tough decision for almost all international students all over the world. Before continuing your studies, it’s important to consider the cost of study, living costs, campus distance from your home country as well as the current travel restrictions applied in some countries. 

Education indeed is an important tool which may lead to your dream job. Thus no wonder, studying abroad has become an exclusive choice to upgrade your skills and experience. By studying abroad, you will not only gain the international qualification but also broaden your chance of finding a better employment opportunity for your future career. 

As an education agency that has been in this industry for more than 10 years, we are trying to give you a better insight into how your chosen education will lead to a prospective career. We will also give you some options of reputable universities/colleges in Australia which give enormous support for an international student, especially under the current situation.

What Are Some Good Career Prospects in Australia under COVID-19 for International Students?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the Australian government has set out some sectors as being of critical importance. These are health, nursing, aged & disability care, food processing, childcare, agriculture, and some supermarkets. 

International students working in those sectors will be given flexibility on their working hours. Normally students can only work for 40 hours per fortnight during their study period, but now students can work in a critical sector for more than 40 hours per fortnight. It is even better when it comes to course break where students can work unlimited hours in a week. 

Besides these critical sectors, engineers and technology specialists are also needed as many campuses and businesses in Australia have implemented online methods for their students or clients. This approach is being done because of the need in Australia to do social distancing. 

It’s not only in Australia, the health, community service, information technology, and engineering sectors are also needed all over the world especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, by choosing these sectors as your further study option, you will increase your chance of getting a job faster than in other sectors. 

Under Australian immigration regulations there are several occupations in each of these sectors that will give you an opportunity to apply for a skilled working visa in Australia after you finish your study in Australia. However, please note that the immigration regulations may change at any time so you need to check them regularly or seek advice from an Australian Registered Migration Agent if you still want to stay longer in Australia lawfully on a skilled or working visa.

Migrating to Australia under Health Industry

If you wish to migrate to Australia In this sector under the Skilled Migration Program, you may consider studying in nursing, medical, pharmacy, or psychology. If you want to work in the health sector in Australia, your qualification needs to be assessed by the following assessing authority.

Migrating to Australia under Community Industry

For a skilled migration program under community service you may consider studying in child care, aged care, and community service. To be able to work in this sector, your qualification should firstly assessed by AASW (Australian Associations of Social Workers Limited), ACWA (Australian Community Workers Association Inc.), and AITSL (Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited). 

Migrating to Australia under Engineering Industry

For aspiring Engineers wish to take advantage of the General Skilled Migration program. There are some majors of study that you can take under this sector such as chemical, mining & petroleum, electrical, industrial, agricultural, biomedical, and environmental.  Engineers Australia will help assess your qualifications according to Australian standards.

Migrating to Australia under Information and Technology Industry

If you love Information and Technology, IT is a fast moving industry that may benefit your career in Australia. You can study majors such as multimedia, software, programming, and cybersecurity. Your qualifications should previously be assessed by ACS (Australian Computer Society) to enable you to work in this field.

Which University/College in Australia You Should Choose to future proof your career during or after COVID 19 Pandemic?

For International Student looking for job-ready study during COVID-19 Pandemic

Vocational study, better known as VET (Australian Vocational Education and Training), is the most popular choice of study amongst international students. This is not only because of its lower entry requirements, but also because of affordable tuition fees, shorter study duration and hands-on learning experience which make students job-ready once they have finished their study. 

There are many colleges in Australia which offer VET study at a reasonable price, but only some of them provide good quality study and service for international students, especially under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is some campuses that we suggest for you with reasonable prices that have an in July and October 2020 :

College APSI (Australian Professional Skills Institute) Academia 21
Overview APSI is a modern, dynamic education institution based in Perth, Western Australia. It offers a range of unique employment pathway programs that are designed to give the students the skills, knowledge, and industry contacts to assist students in the search for employment. With two campuses located in the heart of Melbourne and Brisbane CBD, the multi-award-winning Academia International is one of Australia’s top-performing learning institutes.
Tuition Fees Offer APSI offers up to 6 instalment plan payment which is usually paid per term for international students. Academia 21 offers up to 10 instalment plan payment which is usually paid per term for international students.
Course Offered Commercial cookery, hospitality, healthcare/community services and business management. English, hospitality, community service, business and marketing, hairdressing & beauty therapy.
Where to Study Perth. Melbourne & Brisbane.

For International Student looking for a higher qualification during COVID-19 Pandemic

Higher education includes undergraduate and postgraduate study. The study duration at this level is longer than VET study. International students who complete their study in a higher degree in Australia will get a chance on applying for a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) which will give them an additional stay in Australia of up to 3 years. 

Studying in higher education will give students a better chance to get a higher level of job than those who only have a diploma qualification. They usually will be employed at managerial level or as a supervisor in a bigger company, with high remuneration.  

If you consider studying in higher education, here are some university options for you:

University Edith Cowan University (ECU) Murdoch University
Overview ECU has been given a 5 star for teaching quality for 13 years in a row. Murdoch University is recognised for its free-thinking graduates, life-changing research, and innovative campus and industry developments have made – both in Western Australia and around the world.
Tuition Fee’s Offer ECU offers a numerous range of scholarships for a maximum of 25% reduction in tuition fees.   Murdoch University offers scholarships for an international student with a maximum value of AUD$12,000 for Business and Nursing degrees and AUD$11,000 for all other degrees.
Where to Study Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Perth.

We believe that every study decision will lead you to a better career and life in Australia, thus you need to carefully understand what you need in line with the needs of industries. If you need more information about a suitable course and campus for your study plan, please feel free to discuss your options with our consultants through this phone number: 08 6102 1118, 02 8005 4777 or 03 9010 6100.

We will be more than happy to share our knowledge and information to make it easy for you to apply to study in Australia.    

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