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Visa Status for International Student Completing Course Early

Many international students choose to stay on in Australia to complete further studies or gain a higher qualification. Continuing your studies will enable you to maximize your time in Australia and gain more advanced qualifications and skills that will assist you in gaining employment. So, what happens if the course is completed earlier?

An International student who has successfully completed the main course earlier than their visa was granted and has lodged an application for a migration visa in Australia, is eligible to remain on their student visa until the visa expiry date or until the outcome of the migration application.

Completing Course Early

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If you are a holder of Student visa, condition 8105 (work limitation) that allows you to work 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session or more than 40 hours per fortnight during recognised vacation periods, you are able to work full time only if you have successfully completed your studies, as the course is considered to be out of session.

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If the student has successfully completed their main course early but does not intend to submit a migration application, they have 28 days to:

  1. Make arrangements for further study and obtain a new COE
  2. Depart Australia. If you would like to stay in Australia until your graduation you should call 131 881 to discuss your visa options.

The main course is the final course of the confirmation of enrolments (COE) that was submitted with the visa application for which the student visa was granted.

If you are a holder of a student visa, condition 8202 requires you to remain enrolled in a registered course among other requirements.

Your enrollment will end when you have completed the course. If your visa expires earlier than the end date of the Confirmation of Enrolment, you are expected to make arrangements to depart Australia or apply for a new visa.

Completing Course Early

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If you study more than one course on your student visa (course packaging) and you finish a course earlier, you could have a lengthy course gap before the next course starts. How long is a lengthy course gap?

A lengthy course gap is more than two months, except where a standard academic year ends and begins. In this situation, your visa could be considered for cancellation. We will take into consideration each situation on a case by case basis.

These factors include whether a student legitimately finished the course early, whether the student has a good academic record, and whether it is reasonable to expect the student to enroll in another course during the course gap.

If you are still confused about your course finishing earlier, confused about your student visa conditions in Australia or have questions about studying abroad you can contact us for a consult at www.educationone.net.au.

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