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Australian Student Visa Refusal after Providing Complete Documents

Do you get a Student Visa Refusal even after Providing Ample Documents? Find Out Why Here!

Are you experiencing a refusal of an Australian Student Visa even after providing complete documents for your visa?

But once you get a visa refusal, it might become a nightmare for you as now it is more likely that your next visa application will be refused, again.

For example, you have successfully enrolled in your desired education institution in Australia and have received your eCOE for visa application.

However, even when you applied for a student visa with all the right documents, unfortunately, your application can still be refused.

Many people are wondering why their student visa was refused by the Department of Home Affairs while they have submitted complete documents as suggested by the Immigration’s website.

This article will discuss the possible reasons behind a student’s visa refusal, and how to avoid it in the first place.

If you apply for your visa from Australia, then you will have the right to appeal after refusal, while if you made your visa application from overseas, you can make another visa application after refusal.

Infographics Australian Student Visa Refusal Aplication

Refusal or rejection for your Australian student visa application may happen for various reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • There is not enough information provided to prove the claims of your intention to study in Australia;
  • The information provided is incorrect, or you made a false statement in the application;
  • You do not meet Australia’s health or character requirements;
  • You do not meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements in which the Immigration Department presume the intentions of an applicant to study are not genuine;
  • Insufficient funds in your bank account;
  • Bank balances are erratic and not stable, bank balances should settle for at least 3 to 6 months.

How does the Australian Immigration Department make its decision on your visa application?

After you understand the main reason for your visa refusal, you may be wondering how Immigration assesses your application. Generally, the Australian Immigration (Department of Home Affairs), will follow the up-to-date regulations set on your visa application.

In the case of study, the Immigration will divide your visa requirements based on the combined immigration risk outcomes of the student’s education provider and country of citizenship.

This will set your assessment level into one of three levels, if you are placed in the lowest level, you will need to meet the least requirements and the faster the assessment.

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For example, someone coming from South Africa might have a different visa requirement from those who are coming from Zimbabwe, although they are coming from the same continent.

If you are unsure of your assessment level and the documents required, you may want to check the Document Checklist Tool provided by the Department of Home Affairs even though it only shows general requirements where the information you need to provide may differ from any other applicant.

Contact us who can assist you with a document checklist tailored to your personal circumstances, conditions, and study purposes in Australia.

What considerations does Australian Immigration make when reviewing student visa applications?

1. Your financial capacity

The total amount of funds that you are required to show on your visa application may vary. Normally, Australian Immigration might ask you to provide a sufficient amount to cover a 1 (one) year of your tuition fee of study, living cost, as well as travel expenses.

If you bring your dependents to Australia, you need to show an additional amount which will be sufficient to cover their expenses while they are in Australia. Please bear in mind that if you are bringing a child who is four years old or above, you have to enroll your kids on a public or private school in Australia.

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Financial capacity student visa

2. Your English language proficiency

Some student visa applicants are required to provide the results of an English language test. It could be in the form of an IELTS, Pearson Test, TOEFL IBT certificate, or another test that is recognized by the AUS Immigration.

If you do not meet the minimum required score, your student visa might be refused. Or in some cases, your visa will also be refused if you happen to submit a bogus certificate of your English language test.

If you are not confident about your English proficiency, it is suggested that you take an English language course in Australia prior to your principal course of study. It might make it easier for you to achieve a certain level of English proficiency when you are in Australia, where English is your native language.

3. Your reason to study in Australia

Do you know about the Genuine Temporary Entry (GTE) criteria?

Yes, you need a strong GTE statement to convince the Australian Immigration Department that your primary intention to come to Australia is for study.

Several factors can show the genuineness of your intention, such as your age, educational background, the reason why you choose to study in Australia, what the benefits of your study mean to your future, the circumstances in your home country, and your intention to return back to your home country on the completion of your Australian study.

Reason to study in Australia - education ONE Australia

Age may also be one of the factors for a student visa refusal. There is no actual age limitation to apply for a student visa.

However, the Australian Immigration Department might question your genuineness if you happen to apply for a lower level of education when you are not a fresh graduate.

In relation to the GTE, you have to decide your course of study carefully by discussing it with your family or your trusted education agent, because it will soon lead you to your visa application and the outcome will affect your future career.

Are there other criteria the Australian Immigration Department uses when processing your student visa application?

Sometimes the interview session conducted by the Australian Immigration Department may result in the visa not being granted. It may happen if the student seemed tense or did not answer all questions honestly & correctly when asked, and the purpose of the intended stay will be considered to be not genuine.

A previous record of the applicant’s visa history may also cause Australian Student Visa Refused, i.e. if the applicant has stayed illegally in Australia or a country other than Australia.

criteria the Australian Immigration Department uses when processing your student visa application

What should I do after receiving a student visa refusal?

The Australian migration law allows you to re-apply for this visa. Many applicants whose visa has been refused obtain a new visa, of the same or a different subclass, after being visa refused before.

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Free Consultation with our Consultants - education ONE Australia

If you are unsure of how you should proceed with the new student visa, or if you want to discuss your visa refusal matter, you can book a FREE Consultation NOW with one of our Career Development Consultants or contact us through email at [email protected] or via phone at 1300 083 663. Our professional consultants, along with our in-house Australian Registered Migration Agents of ONE derland Consulting, will give you an insight into the possibility of your next visa application.

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