Find Out What Happens if Your COE is Cancelled in Australia – You Still Have Options!

What Happens When Your COE Is Cancelled In Australia

What happens if COE is cancelled in Australia? Australian Education always attracts International students from all around the world. Studying in Australia can give you an experience that can stay with you for your entire life. But it requires commitment. Failure to commit to your study may end up in a situation where you get … Read more

Is It Possible to Switch Your Tourist Visa to a Student Visa?

tourist visa to student visa

The latest information regarding changes to the latest policy to stop ‘visa hopping’ in Australia, one of the impacts is the change from tourist visas to student visas in Australia. Can I Change My Tourist Visa to a Student Visa in Australia? Is this change still possible? Unfortunately, with the latest regulations released on the … Read more

The Insider’s Guide to Securing a Student Visa Extension in Australia

student visa extension in australia

Student visa extension in Australia is not as easy as you think, and we have the reason why. Extending your student visa has many benefits, such as completing courses that are one step towards the finish line.  Here at education ONE, we help international students like you successfully extend student visas so you can remain … Read more

Only 40% Decision Set Aside, Read Our Guide to Win Student Visa AAT Appeal

aat appeal for student visa refusal australia

Thinking of going for an AAT appeal for your student visa refusal? We’ve got you covered! A student visa is a permit to be obtained to become a temporary resident in Australia to study. A refusal of your application is a disappointment, as it means you cannot legally study here. Appealing to AAT is a … Read more

Handling Student Visa Cancellation As An International Student in Australia

Receiving student visa cancellation while studying in Australia can cause a mix of various emotions into one, such as anger, sadness and fear, leading to panic and not knowing what steps to take next. Australian student visa cancellation is when the immigration of Australia cancels a student visa issued for an international student studying in … Read more

Can a Dependent to Student Visa Holder Study in Australia?

Can Dependent Study In Australia?

Many international students in Australia choose to bring their families with them, and fortunately, the regulation allowing international students to bring their immediate families to Australia as dependents on their student visa. But can these dependent study in Australia? Can Dependent Study in Australia? The answer is yes, with some limitations. Dependents on a student … Read more

Cracking the Code to English Fluency with ELICOS Programs in Australia

ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students. It’s a program designed for international students who want to improve their English before starting studies in Australia. As an English-speaking country to become international students’ main destination to continue their education, Australia offers English classes through the ELICOS program which is specifically designed to … Read more

Is a Study Gap Acceptable in Australian Universities?

study gap for australian student visa

Many clients frequently ask about the “study gap” in matters of Australian student visas. The term “study gap” refers to when you no longer enrol in formal education programs. So, this “study gap” is a condition that some international students cannot avoid.  The study gap year is a frightening spectre for international students; a lot … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Permanent Residency Benefits in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

Permanent Residency Benefits In Australia 2022

Lots of people around the world set their sights on permanent residency (PR) benefits in Australia. No surprise there! Australia’s well-known for its strong education system and amazing quality of life, ranking fifth in the world according to Numbeo. Imagine yourself living in a land full of adventure, with top-notch schools, a welcoming and multicultural … Read more

Best Bank in Australia for International Students (And How to Open One)

best bank in australia for international students

Best bank in Australia for international students is one of the main things that you better know to improve your study experience. Many international students might need to learn the importance of opening a bank account. The simple explanation is that opening a bank account in Australia will make transactions and savings easier. Plus, Australian banks … Read more