FAQs: What happens to my Australian student visa and study in the COVID-19 pandemic

What happens to my Australian student visa and study in the COVID-19 pandemic

FAQs: What Happens to My Australian Student Visa and Study in the COVID-19 Pandemic As an education agency that has been in the industry for ten years, the current global pandemic of COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) is heartbreaking. There are now major restrictions on who can travel to Australia and one of the biggest groups of … Read more

Temporary Australian Visa Options: How Does Coronavirus Affect Me with Australia’s Borders Closed?


Temporary Australian Visa Options: How Does Coronavirus Affect Me with Australia’s Borders Closed? COVID-19 Visa Australia These are unprecedented times for us. For those of you who are currently in Australia on a student visa or plan to study in Australia, we reassure you that our business remains open and we are here to support … Read more

News Update – Country Risk Level Changes To Student Visa Application 2019

Country Risk Level Changes To Student Visa Application 2019

The Department of Home Affairs has made some changes in the status of immigration risk for several countries. Such changes may result from several factors, one of which is the number of Australian visa refusals for applicants from certain countries.  As per 2019, India, Pakistan, and Nepal are considered as the ‘high risk’ countries and … Read more

I am an international Student in Australia, can I change my study provider?

When you decide to continue your studies in Australia, the first thing to do is to have a destination, course and study provider.  You can conduct research on campuses and study programs in Australia. When you have decided on an education provider and course to take in Australia, you can send your application and apply … Read more


One of the biggest challenges for high school leavers is to decide what’s next for their higher education. Some of them choose to continue their studies in their home countries, but some decide to expand their world by continuing their studies overseas. Australia is the sixth most preferred study destination in the world following the … Read more

Can a Dependent to Student Visa Holder Study in Australia?

Australia is the third most popular destination in the world for international students who want to study overseas. Based on the data from the University College of London’s Centre for Global Higher Education, Australia is likely to come in second position following the United States of America. Such facts prove that Australia is constantly improving … Read more

BREAKING NEWS! Australian Temporary Graduate Visa Information 2020

Nowadays, migrating to Australia has become many people’s dream. Not only to be able to work in Australia with higher income compared with their home countries, but also to experience firsthand the international-standard facilities offered in Australia. International students who study in Australia with Student Visas can also have the benefit of those facilities. To … Read more

International Student from South East Asia Got The CoE Cancelled Due To Low Academic Results But Secure It

Being able to study overseas might be a dream come true for international students, particularly study in Australia. Moreover when they are accepted to study in household campus in certain areas. Being accepted in the-chosen-best-university is one of the several paths that international students have to pass, and that is not easy. Why? Because a … Read more

Financial Requirements Increased In Applying For Australia’s Study Visa: Notice For Students From “High Risk” Countries


In September 2019, the Australian Department of Home Affairs downgraded the risk assessment for students from India, Nepal and Pakistan to level 3 from level 2. This means the applicants for “Australian Student Visa” from those countries are required to provide evidence of financial support and English proficiency if they plan to study with an … Read more

International Student Forgot to Renew Her Student Visa in Australia While Still Studying in Australia

Studying in a new country with a different culture has a lot of challenges. This sometimes makes some students feel stressed because of all the new things that come with adapting. This can affect the student’s health because of all the overwhelming situations between studying and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes they can forget the … Read more