COE Cancellation

The Consequences of

COE Cancellation

If your COE got cancelled, some of these facts may have an impact on you.

Failed Investment

You may experience a pointless years of study in Australia with lots of wasted money.

Back to Square One

Forced to leave Australia and go back to your home country empty handed.

Visa Cancellation

The Immigration Department may cancel your visa as soon as they got a report from the institution.

Fleeting Dream

Missing out the chance to gain useful experience and opportunities.

What Should I Do Next?

There is always a second chance to fight for your future. We will ensure you can gain the possibility.


The Immigration Department may cancel your visa, but we will help you with the appeal.


We will treat your case carefully and find the best solution for you in no time.


Our in-house Migration Agent will help you to communicate your case to the Australian Immigration Department.

Save your

Money, Effort and Future

It is within our commitment to ensure you experience an unforgettable moment while you are studying in Australia. Don’t let the COE cancellation bother you, save your money and time by trusting it to the experienced.

We Helped Them Overcome

COE Cancellation

Hear what our client says about our services. We made the whole process silky smooth without putting extra pressure on our clients.

Polyanna ScheleGermany
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The Agency helped me with my study visa. Especially a big thanks to Intan, who helped me with a lot of pation, perfect information and empathy to get everything ready and managed in time. Thank you so much, always again!
Anggita SariIndonesia
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They help me a lot and they always give us an update so quick. Thanks a lot to kak Rizky and kak Indah for helping us in everything.
Osi PrincewillNigeria
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Quite efficient. Rizky always had the right questions to ask. Despite the time difference, you will meet a question waiting for you. I really liked the promptness. Keep up the good work.
Ritus WoodsKenya
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It was really great to have them as my agent. They helped me to find a college to study and they were really helpful. Im glad that they were my agents. I would give a 10 star. Special thanks to Desti for helping me out. Thanks a lot.
Irenej LjevakovicCroatia
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Really productive and professional! They helped me to enroll at Tafe and I had no issues! Great job!

You’ve Got the Questions,

We’ve Got the Answers

No, it may take several time to cancel your student visa once your COE got cancelled. However, it is unlawful to remain in Australia on a student visa without an active CoE any longer than the 28 day allowance.

Yes, your COE will automatically get cancelled.

It depends on the school and their refund policy.

It depends on the college/university’s assessment process. Mostly it will be issued within 2 weeks after confirming your offer.

If you intend to study on the same level as your previous course and you still have a valid visa, then you do not need to reapply for the visa. You can discuss your student visa status with your appointed education agent.

It may depend on the case and how you explain to the college/university about the cancellation.

Need Some Help With

COE Cancellation

Don’t waste time guessing and putting yourself through unnecessary risk. Our consultants are ready to help you figuring out what should you do next. Free of charge!