Estimated Cost for Study in Australian University

Planning the estimation of costs during your study in Australia

It is certain that studying in Australia can cost you a lot of money. However, the most important thing is, to have an estimated figure of how much it will cost, and know what the costs are for. Well, here you will find the answer to your questions.

Proof of Financial Capability

  • English Test (IELTS)

    AUD$ 280/test.

  • Diploma Study (Bachelor - Doctorate)

    AUD$ 10.000 – 15.000/semester

  • **English Program (ELICOS)

    AUD$ 250 – 350/week

  • Medical Checkup

    AUD$ 100 – 300/checkup

  • Applying to College through Education ONE

    Free, no fees (special for university partner)

  • Accompanying Students Until Graduation

    Free, education ONE service for our students

  • Visa Arrangement + Visa Application

    AUD$ 765 (all inclusive)

  • Study Cost (Diploma)

    AUD$ 4.000 – 8.000/semester

  • *Study Transition Program (FOUNDATION)

    AUD$ 10.000 – 15.000/semester

  • Insurance Payment (OSHC)

    AUD$ 550 – 650/year

In addition there will additional expenses you may see some details below:

  • Making Passport

    AUD$ 10 – 30 / application (conducted in Indonesia Immigration)

  • Consumption

    AUD$ 150 – 250/month (Depending on lifestyle)

  • Flight Ticket ( One-Way )

    AUD$ 50 – 500 (depending on season, location or promotion)

  • Public Transportation

    AUD$ 20/week

  • Accomodation in Australia

    AUD$ 150 – 250/week (depending on the type of residence, and amenities)

Additional Information :

  •  1 semester = 6 month
  • *FOUNDATION is a transition program from high school to university in Australia, which shall be taken if the student has not yet fulfilled the academic requirements, or the English International test (IELTS)
  • **ELICOS is an English program that is held in Australia, which will need to be taken if the student has not yet fulfilled the English International test (IELTS). The duration itself depends on the variant of tests, and the scores required to register.


The variation in cost will be primarily be determined by the conditions and the student’s need for studying in Australia. In relation to this, Education ONE will be providing effective and efficient costs.

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