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Working on Your
GTE Statement

Don’t just write a simple statement! The triumph of your student visa application is 50% determined by your GTE Statement.

The Circumstances in Your Home Country

You have to mention what is in your country including your study and employment background, the reason you are not studying there, as well as your financial stability for your study in Australia.

Value of Your Study to Your Future

You should explain the proposed future career and remuneration you intended to gain after finishing your study in Australia.

Why Australia

Despite international qualification, you need to explain the potential situation in Australia which gives a strong incentive to remain study in Australia.

Immigration History

If you have ever applied for a visa (whether it has been approved, cancel or refused) or visit any countries other than Australia, you need to mention it in your statement.

Don’t Risk Your Visa

If you are new to this, we suggest you to ask an assistance from the expert to guide you on how to make a good statement. Here is the common mistake that students make when dealing with GTE Statement.


You show an intention on staying permanently in Australia after finishing your study.


You could not explain properly the documents used to support your GTE Statement.


You could not demonstrate on how your current study will give you better prospect and remuneration for your future.

The Most Effective Way

For Your Visa Application

A student visa application shall not only be costly but also time consuming. Lesser your worries by entrusting your GTE Statement to the experts to enhance your possibility of getting your visa.


Future Well Being Start From Well Written GTE Statement

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Polyanna ScheleGermany
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The Agency helped me with my study visa. Especially a big thanks to Intan, who helped me with a lot of pation, perfect information and empathy to get everything ready and managed in time. Thank you so much, always again!
Anggita SariIndonesia
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They help me a lot and they always give us an update so quick. Thanks a lot to kak Rizky and kak Indah for helping us in everything.
Osi Princewill Nigeria
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Quite efficient. Rizky always had the right questions to ask. Despite the time difference, you will meet a question waiting for you. I really liked the promptness. Keep up the good work.
Ritus WoodsKenya
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It was really great to have them as my agent. They helped me to find a college to study and they were really helpful. Im glad that they were my agents. I would give a 10 star. Special thanks to Desti for helping me out. Thanks a lot.
Irenej LjevakovicCroatia
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Really productive and professional! They helped me to enroll at Tafe and I had no issues! Great job!

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