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Australia Post Graduate Visa New Rules in 2021

Perfect Timing: Australia Post Graduate Visa New Rules in December 2021

The prolonged border restrictions in Australia since March 2020 may have caused Australia post graduate visa holders uncertainties. You may be one of the many Australia post graduate visa holders who are still unable to enter the country.

If yes, take a deep breath, the Australian government has announced the COVID-19 concession for Australia post graduate visa holders affected by the COVID-19 border restrictions.

Australia COVID-19 concessions for offshore post-graduate visa holders: COVID-19 replacement stream

On 25 November 2021, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, Alex Hawke held a Joint Media Release with the Minister for Education and Youth, Alan Tudge. On this occasion, they announced that Australia post graduate visa holders will be able to apply for a replacement visa.

The concession applies for Australia post graduate visa holders who have been unable to travel to Australia as a result of COVID-19 international border restrictions. Graduates whose temporary graduate visas were expired on or after 01 February 2020 can apply for a replacement visa starting from 01 July 2022.

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Australia temporary graduate visa - education ONE

Get to Know More about the Temporary Graduate Visa

Australia post graduate visa known as Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) is for international students who have recently graduated with a degree or a skill and qualification.

Make the most benefits of your Australian studies by applying for an Australia Post Graduate Visa!

The Australia post graduate visa offers an opportunity to use your skills and qualifications in Australia. With this visa you can stay in Australia for a certain period. Also you can travel, work and study during your stay.

Even though this visa has multiple entries, many of the holders could not come to Australia due to the border restrictions that have been in place since last year!

Australia post graduate visa 485 - education ONE

Australia Border Relaxation in December 2021

But the good news has finally come. As per 15 December 2021 The government welcomes fully vaccinated Australia post graduate visa holders to come back to Australia without exemption, particularly for New South Wales, Victoria, and ACT you can enter the state without quarantine.

About 30,000 Australia post graduate visa holders have lost time in Australia due to the travel restrictions. After the relaxation of border restrictions, you will have a chance to apply for an Australia post graduate visa replacement from 01 July 2022.

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In relation to the new rules, the government recognizes the need for flexibility that can allow international students to maximise the benefits of post study work visa australia especially as Australia is in a safe transition of reopening again.

Alex Hawke said that these new rules would allow current and former Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) holders whose visas expired on or after 1 February 2020 to re-apply for a new subclass 485 visa of the same duration as their original visa.

If you wonder what the difference between the old and the new rules of Australia Post Graduate Visa are, you can find it below!

Difference between the old and the new rules of Australia Post Graduate Visa

Offshore Application for Temporary Graduate Visa

Previously, temporary graduate visas only allowed you to apply onshore. But from 19 September 2020 all students can apply for an Australia Post Graduate Visa from their home country as long as they meet the requirements.

Removal of Skills Occupation List Requirement

On the road to expanding opportunities for Australia post graduate visa holders, particularly for the Graduate Work Stream, the government has removed the Skills Occupation List requirements. Whereas in the previous rules applicants must have a qualification leading to occupation listed on the Skills Occupation List. This change will be implemented from 1 July 2022.

Longer Stay Period for the Temporary Graduate Visa

The government has also increased the length of stay period on the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa for Masters by Coursework graduates from two to three years. Along with the rise of the stay period Temporary Graduate Visa for Graduate Work Stream from 18 to 24 months. This regulation has already been implemented since 1 December 2021.

Australia Temporary Graduate Visa – Frequently Asked Questions

I completed my studies in Australia, but I am now overseas. Can I apply for and be granted an Australian Post Graduate visa?

Yes. The new rules allows international students who are currently overseas to apply for and grant an Australia Post Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) during the concession period. If you apply out of the concession period, you will need to apply onshore.

Please note that you will still have to fulfill all other requirements of the visa.

My student visa expired when I was offshore and I was unable to return to Australia. Can I apply for an Australia Post Graduate Visa abroad?

Yes. During COVID-19 concessions period international students can apply for Australian Post Graduate Visa offshore within six months following the course completion.

I completed my studies in Australia more than 6 months ago. Can I still lodge an Australia Post Graduate visa?

If you are overseas for all or part of the period from 1 February 2020 to 19 September 2020, you will have 12 months to apply for an Australia post graduate visa from the date of completing your qualifications.

This offer is for former students who cannot apply for a visa within 6 months immediately after completing their qualifications because they are overseas.

education ONE

What should I do to get my Australia Post Graduate Visa?

First of all you have to hold:

  • a Student Visa (Subclass 500), or
  • a Bridging Visa A or Bridging Visa B, granted on the basis of a valid application for a visa, or
  • a Student Visa within the past 6 months before your application and you now hold a substantive visa, or
    you are outside Australia and you hold or have held an eligible Student Visa (but not one supported by the Defence or Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister).

Second, you must have obtained an educational qualification of at least two years in a CRICOS registered program. Not less than 16 months should be completed in Australia.

Third, as well as we know that currently Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) is divided into three streams, Graduate Work Stream, Post-Study Work Stream, and Second Post-Study Work Stream.

Only one stream can be selected for each applicant. You can choose the Second Post-Study Work Stream if you want to extend your Post-Study Work Stream. Before applying for the Second Post-Study Work Stream you have to ensure that you’ve met the visa requirements.

Last but not least, you have to attach specified evidence when you apply for this visa. Within these evidences you have to show why you are eligible to grant this visa.

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