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International student return to Australia depend on vaccination rate

NEWS: International students may return depending on the Australian vaccination rate!

As per August 2021, The Australian government gave an update on the possibility of returning international students to Australia based on the vaccinated percentage of their population. We know that you as International Students have been waiting for a chance to get back to Australia. Even though it will never feel the same as before, returning back to Australia at least will bring back the memories and spirit right? Along with this article find out the updated information you are waiting for!

The Australian government keeps updating about the outbreak COVID-19 and the vaccine strategy through the press conference of the Prime Minister of Australia. Currently, the Delta variant in Australia is causing long weeks of lockdown, especially in Sydney. As reported by Australia’s government, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the country could begin to reopen once 80 percent of eligible Australians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Then, most highly targeted lockdowns will end. The National Cabinet also discussed which other restrictions can be dropped once double dose targets are reached and are considering home quarantine for vaccinated return travellers, but no decisions have been made.

“Lockdowns cannot go on forever. This is not a sustainable way to live in this country. This groundhog day has to end, and it will end when we start getting to 70% and 80% (vaccination rates),” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday (August 23).

With the COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out underway Australia will be looking at letting more groups and possibly even international students in once more people are vaccinated. For International students, missing the vibes of study on-campus and their second home has surely been tough.

As of August 30 2021, according to the Health Government of Australia, 19,362,666 total vaccine doses were administered nationally. Do you feel at ease when reading this article? Yeay! We know! Meanwhile, vaccine passports are a new way to reopen campus and at the same time minimise Covid risks.

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international student return to australia

Are you an international student who is stuck in your country and waiting to return to Australia?

Australia’s borders have been effectively closed to international students for almost two years now, and the government has signalled that significant travel restrictions will remain.

If you are waiting to travel to Australia to commence or resume your studies on-campus, please note that Australian Government restrictions prohibit non-Australian citizens from travelling to Australia at this time.

Regarding travel restrictions into and out of Australia, International students nominated to return to Australia under an approved International Student Arrival Plan are not exempt from the current travel restrictions in Australia.

You will need a travel exemption to allow you to travel to Australia. The relevant state or territory government will apply for a travel exemption on your behalf if you are nominated under their approved plan. Further details on the process for travel exemptions related to approved International Student Arrival Plans will be made available as required. Please do not apply for an inward travel exemption unless advised.

The Australian federal and government have been working on their own safe arrival plans to return international students.

Lately, a limited pilot plan program for Australia’s Northern Territory was approved in June 2021 to bring 160 international students per fortnight to a quarantine facility in Adelaide.

That is great news! Hopefully, other pilot plan programs will be approved and international students will no longer be blown hot and cold.

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vaccination rates important to reopen the border

Why are vaccination rates important to reopen the border?

Vaccination is the most effective way to protect against infectious diseases. Being vaccinated will help strengthen your immune system by training it to recognise and fight against specific viruses. This also means, when you are vaccinated you are protecting yourself and helping to protect the other.

The National Cabinet of Australia, nowadays continues to work together to find the best solution and address the issues for the health and economic consequences of COVID-19.

As per 27 August 2021, The Prime Minister of Australia said, “since the beginning of the pandemic there have been 48,815 confirmed cases in Australia and, sadly, 991 people have died. More than 30.7 million tests have been undertaken. Testing has increased nationally over recent days with 1,742,613 tests reported in the past 7 days. Globally there have been over 214.5 million cases and sadly over 4.4 million deaths, with 711,553 new cases and 11,051 deaths reported in the last 24 hours. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge in many countries around the world.”

For the past few months, the Prime Minister of Australia keeps updated about the hope by having a large amount of vaccination dosis in Australia. Several collaborations have been established and this will increase the number of vaccine distributions too.

Reaching out the vaccination target of 95 percent will support herd immunity to slow down the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases. So, vaccination rates are currently the important factors that can determine whether the Australian border is ready to be opened or not for international travelers or even for international students.

The possibility and hope of the border to reopen also can be seen in how The Australian Government, under the National Plan, has been developed and agreed. The National Plan has been developed very carefully. The goal of the plan is to live with the virus and start the day that we have been waiting for.

So, there is still a chance and hopefully Australia will reach out the vaccination target soon and start to update about the border. We will keep updated with all the important information regarding the possibility of returning to Australia for international students.

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can international students come back to australia

So, are you ready to get back to Australia?

Prepare yourself first while waiting for the border to open! Get your vaccine ticket ready, then if you get confused about your Student Visa Conditions and step by step to arrange your return to Australia, don’t worry! You can speak to us.

Despite the current situation in the economic and education sectors during the pandemic, you need to believe that the Australian government and all the education institutions still work their best to return international students back to Australia safely. Please remember that you are not the only one in this situation.

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