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Student Financial Hardship Support For Australian International Student

Student Financial Support For Australian International Students During Pandemic!

If you are an international student in the middle of experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic and are trying to find financial assistance, here is the information you may be looking for.

We know this is a tough situation for you as an international student while your family back home is affected by COVID-19, and it is hard to finance your studies.

If you’re in this situation, you may be eligible to apply to the Australian Red Cross program to get student financial hardship assistance or other programs available for you as international students. Read on to find out how to receive student financial support in Australia!

Australian Red Cross - Emergency Relief Support

Australian Red Cross – Emergency Relief Support

You may apply for this program to get student financial hardship assistance if you live in Australia Capital Territory, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Australian Red Cross has received Government funding specifically for people who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents with a small one-off emergency relief payment.

So, what does emergency relief mean?

Emergency relief is to help people meet their basic needs, such as food, medicine or shelter. As the emergency relief payments are limited and may not cover all of your needs, please note the emergency relief payments are not income support. However, for people with significant vulnerabilities, Australian Red Cross may be able to also provide some short term casework support alongside your payment as your student financial hardship assistance.

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Australia Red Cross – Extreme Hardship Support

You may apply for this student financial hardship assistance program if you are based in Victoria, and you may be provided with some of the following:

  • Limited cash payments to cover your basic needs, such as food, bills and medicine.
  • Receive $800 if you are a single person, or you can receive more if you have other dependent family members.
  • Information about other support available to people living in designed places in Australia on temporary visas.

As an international student who lives in Victoria, you also can contact your institution or Study Melbourne to see what support they can provide for you. For example, if you are struggling to pay for your food and groceries, find additional information at Study Melbourne’s community support and food relief website for you as an international student to get financial hardship assistance reference. You also may be eligible to apply for the Rent Relief Grant programme by the Victorian government, which helps renters who are experiencing rental hardship due to the pandemic, and you may grant up to AUD $1,500.

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The Extreme Hardship Support may also be available for you who live in New South Wales. In addition, you may get free food hampers by contacting Study NSW’s partnership with Foodbank NSW & ACT. So, don’t worry too much and start to find some financial hardship assistance based on your current location in Australia.

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How to apply for the programs for student financial hardship assistance?

First, you will need to provide evidence of your current or most recent visa status, such as:

  • Passport number, visa grant number or ImmiCard.
  • If you are uncertain, please leave the visa fields blank or select ‘uncertain’, and we will call you to discuss.
  • The Australian Red Cross does not share personal or visa information with the government.

Second, you will also need to provide evidence of financial hardship:

  • All adult members of the family must submit all current bank statements dating back one month from the date of application.
  • If you have joint accounts or regular transfers to other bank accounts, you will need to provide bank statements for those accounts.
  • Screenshots are acceptable only if they show your name, account number and address.

After that, submit the above information and please note that missing out on any of the information will delay the outcome for you. You MUST attest that all information provided to the Australian Red Cross is true and correct. If your application contains information or documentation believed to be false or misleading, including concealing any relevant circumstances, your application will be declined, and you will not get your financial hardship assistance.

You also need to meet all the following conditions to apply for this financial hardship assistance:

  • Live in a designated place in Australia.
  • Be unable to access Commonwealth income support (including JobKeeper, Job Seeker and SRSS).
  • Have zero or very limited income, savings or community support.
  • Be a temporary or provisional visa holder or undocumented migrant.

The Australian Red Cross Emergency Relief for people on temporary visas or without a visa is funded through the Department of Social Services, individual and corporate donations, LotteryWest and State and Territory Governments.

Speak to us, and we will help you with your concern accordingly, free of charge!

What does student financial hardship assistance programs mean to you?

By successfully applying to the programs, it will at least help you to meet your essential needs during the pandemic, which means that this is could be a great help. Don’t forget to check the website regularly just in case any rule is updated there and you miss out on this potential lifeline.

As international students in Australia, you can also check with your respective universities for bursaries or student financial hardship assistance that may be available to you. This could include mental health support, fee deferrals and accommodation support. So, don’t let yourself down and remember you are not alone in this situation.

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