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student visa working hours australia update july 2023

The government of Australia used to limit student visa working hours for international students to only 40 hours per fortnight when their study is in session.

If you are on a Student Visa (Subclass 500) or are planning and gathering information before applying for this visa, you may be familiar with the Condition 8105:

Student visa 8105 working limitation condition

Unless you are studying a master degree by research or a doctoral degree, your student visa will have the following conditions:

Student Visa Subclass 500 conditions australia international students

This year we have exciting news that Australia will allow longer student visa working hours for international students. 

This new regulation is to alleviate labour shortages as post-COVID pandemic recoveries have not yet eased the pressure on businesses.

UPDATE! Student Visa Working Hours Change In July 2023

International students holding Australian student visas will once again have their working hours policy changed. 

Below, we will provide information on what changes will apply and when they will take effect, which will be applicable to you, international students in Australia.

Quick summary on what changed with Student Visa Working Hours before

It’s been a year since Student Visa Working Hours were relaxed and everyone who is holding an Australian Student Visa is able to work with unlimited time. 

This arrangement will come to an end and working hours for Student Visa holders will be back to 40 hours per fortnight after June 30, 2023.

However, there will be another change to the rules in February 2023.

What is the new rule for Australian Student Visa Working Hours that will change in July 2023?

If you are an Australian Student Visa holder, you may have forgotten about the impending change to working hours, so it’s necessary to remember so you won’t break these new rules of Student Visa Working hours.

The upcoming change in Student Visa working hours will be relaxed than the usual 40 hours restriction.

Starting from July 2023, the maximum working hours will be increased to 48 hours per fortnight.

This slight increase will assist international students in financially supporting themselves, acquiring valuable work experience, and contributing to Australia’s workforce needs, as stated by the Minister for Education, Jason Clare:

“We teach and train these skilled workers. This will mean they can stay on longer and use the skills they’ve gained in Australia to help fill some of the chronic skills shortages we have right now.”

From the 1st July 2023, the Australian government will reinstate work restrictions for student visa holders.

During study sessions, the maximum number of hours that you can work will be limited to 48 hours per fortnight and remain unlimited on semester breaks.

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Past News

Below are the change on February 2022

What has led to this Relaxation of Student Visa Working Hours Australia?

Recently, the food distribution and manufacturing industries have experienced a shortage of workers as a large number of workers have had to be isolated due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

In a press conference on 13 January 2022, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that the federal government will remove the current 40-hour limit every two weeks on Student Visa (Subclass 500) holders, meaning you will have no restrictions on the number of hours you can work.

international students

This is another progressive measurement from the government after they lifted the 40-hour work restrictions for international students who are employed in the tourism and hospitality industry last May.

Finally, international students all over the world are thrilled to be able to return to Australia after the borders reopened for student visa holders in December 2021. Now Mr Morrison urged international students to return to Australia and backpackers as well as certain Temporary Visa holders are also allowed to enter the country on a work visa provided they are fully vaccinated.

Student Visa Working Hours Australia Becoming Unlimited – Is it Beneficial?

Both international students and industries in Australia welcome the decision because apparently, the extension of work hours would provide a major relief in a pressure point they currently have in their workforce.

Additional Change of Refundable Student Visa fees

Additionally, the government also announced that if you hold a student visa and travel to Australia between 19 January and 19 March 2022, you are also eligible for a refund of your visa application fee. Students have until December 31, 2022 to request a refund.

Therefore, in unveiling the measures, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said students would be eligible for a $630 tax rebate during the six the mentioned six weeks.

The details on how to request a refund will be available shortly.

refunded student visa fees

What Changes will This Bring?

  • Before: International students are only permitted to work part-time for a maximum of 40 hours per two weeks while their study is in sessions.
  • After: International students are permitted to work extra hours while their study is in sessions.
  • Before: Only international students employed in the tourism and hospitality industry may work part-time for more than 40 hours per fortnight.
  • After: All international students, regardless of your nature of enrolment, may work part-time for more than 40 hours per fortnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since when does the student visa working hours become unlimited?

International students on a Student Visa (Subclass 500) are allowed working more than 20 hours a week since 13 January 2022.

Are there any particular sectors I should work in to be able to work more than 20 hours per week or more than 40 hours per fortnight?

No. You could work for more than 40 hours per fortnight in any sector starting from 13 January 2022.

Could I work for as many hours as we could?

You still need to balance your study and work commitments, even if you have flexibility in the number of hours you can work.

Frequently Asked Questions

 You still need to:

  • maintain your course enrolment
  • ensuring satisfactory course attendance and
  • ensure satisfactory course progress.

If you get yourself overwhelmed, and your enrollment cancelled, and classes discontinued or fail to make satisfactory course progress, you may violate your student visa requirements.

If you happen to work in a critical sector or have a job offer and you have completed your course, you may be eligible for a COVID-19 pandemic visa (Subclass 408). You can only apply for this visa 90 days before your student visa expires.

Until when I can work extra hours on my Student Visa (Subclass 500)?

This is a temporary agreement that will be reviewed by the government in April 2022.

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