BREAKING NEWS: Study Australia Launches An Online Employability Hub to Support International Students

Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) launched a new online employability hub to help prepare international students for the global jobs market. An Employability Hub is a place where you’ll find useful virtual tools to support you to develop key employability skills. You will find this employability hub on the “Study Australia” website.

In this article, we will explore:

Employability means growing your skills, your experience, your knowledge and your personal networks to succeed in the workplace or at progressing your career.

Austrade launched a new online employability hub

What is the importance of Employability Skills for International students?

In today’s highly competitive job market, it’s important for you to stand out. Employability skills can help you to make it happen. While having a good degree in a particular course is very important, you need more than that. Many employers will consider your special skills more than just your degree. Therefore, if you can demonstrate better employability skills than other candidates, the employer will choose you. Employers expect graduates to have the knowledge and skills they have gained through their studies as well as the personal qualities that guide workplace performance.

It is the reason why education providers require the students to be involved in an internship as part of their study. Some values and benefits of an internship for international students are:

  1. Help you to gain more experience related to your study area.
  2. Help you to gain practical work experience which can boost your resume.
  3. From your internship program, you will be able to expand your knowledge by solving problems.
  4. You will be able to build networks from your co-workers and mentor that will be of value for your recommendation letter.
  5. In the future, there is a chance for you to actually work for the company you are an intern for.

It is important to have work experiences to support your skills. Some tips for international students to gain work experience is by working part-time or involving in government or private projects or volunteering while studying. You can find projects, part-time job vacancies or volunteering programs in an employability hub provided by your college or university. You can also visit the employability hub provided by the Australian government that has been modified to support international students. Austrade designed a new online employability hub that consists of some beneficial features.

Employability Skills for International students

What are the new features included in the New Study Australia Employability Hub?

Housing tailored employability information and tools for Australia’s prospective, current and former international students, the new Hub also brings together location-specific information from across federal, state and territory governments.

New features in the hub include Work Readiness Program, Industry Experience Program, Volunteer and industry Experience Information, Guidance on work rights and protection laws and Advice and information on seeking employment.

The resources included will help you make the most of your experience studying in Australia by providing you with tools and information to enhance your employability and job readiness.

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Australian International Student

Study Australia Work Readiness Program

The Study Australia Work Readiness Program offers a free micro-credential to anyone seeking to successfully navigate the jobs market, including new content on entrepreneurship.

Study Australia Industry Experience Program

The Study Australia Industry Experience Program brings students located around the world into small project teams, together with other international and Australian students, to work directly with employers in Australia and globally on real-world industry projects.

This program is designed to engage current Australian international students, who are studying offshore and online and support their post-study employment prospects.

Volunteer and industry experience information

This feature allows international students to discover all they need to know about the volunteer and industry experience opportunities on offer in Australia during their study and how to prepare for success. By this, the students can explore a range of ways to improve their during-study and post-study employment prospects.

Guidance on work rights and protection laws

All international students in Australia have the same protection rights as any other Australian in the workforce. This feature is important for international students to understand their work rights during and post-study.

Advice and information on seeking employment

This feature is designed to provide advice and important information for international students to work while studying. The information provided includes differences between full-time and part-time or casual jobs, where to look for part-time or casual jobs, taxation and superannuation and minimum wage, types of jobs or industries on offer in Australia.

What are the benefits of Study Australia Employability Hub for International Students?

Whether you are an international student looking for an internship or employability program or looking for a change of role, the Employability Hub provides information and resources to help you take control of your goals.

Employability Hub, was launched by Austrade, provides a range of work-related resources in one location so that you can find information and support for international students, including work opportunities, course resources, special events and important updates from eight states and territories in Australia. Besides, you will also have a clear insight into the work rights and protection laws for international students in Australia.

Benefits of Study Australia Employability Hub

How can you enhance your employability in Australia?

There are many ways you can enhance your employability in Australia. Below are some resources you can read to grow your employability.

Federal Government

South Australia

Australian Capital Territory



New South Wales


Northern Territory

Western Australia


Work-integrated learning (internships, work placements and more)

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