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visa fee refund for international students 2022

Wake-up call for Student Visa and Working Holiday Maker visa Holders!

This article is for you who are already in Australia with one of the visas. We will focus on you who hold an Australian Student Visa (Subclass 500) and Visa Fee Refund for International Students. An Australian Student Visa (Subclass 500) allows you as an international student to pursue your studies in Australian institutions. While a Work Holiday Maker visa (Subclass 417 or 462) allows youngsters to have a long holiday in Australia and work to fund their vacation.

Australian Student Visa Processing Fees

The visa processing fee is the amount in Australian dollars (AUD) that you must pay to apply for a visa. In some cases, the visa application fee is zero or nil.

Visa costs vary from time to time. Visa costs vary depending on the date the Australian Immigration Department received your application. See below information for the current Australian Student Visa fees by the time of writing:

Student Visa Fee Australia International Students

Are you eligible for a visa fee refund for international students?

Here is the exciting news. From early 2022, the Australian Government encourages fully vaccinated holders of student and working holiday visas (WHM) to come to Australia as soon as possible.

You are eligible for visa fee refunds for international students that you have paid in connection with your visa if:

  • You hold a valid student visa (subclass 500, 560, 571, 572, 573, 574 or 575); and
  • Arrive in Australia on that visa from 19 January 2022 to 19 March 2022.

You do not need to lodge your claim immediately. Hold a Student or WHM visa, and you arrive within the specified period, you will be eligible for a refund.​​​

Please make sure you lodge your claim by 31 December 2022 to get the visa fee refund for international students.

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australia visa fee refund

Will I get my Australian student visa fee refund automatically?

If you think you are eligible for the Australian Student Visa fee refund, you will not get it refunded automatically. You must file a claim with the student using the Students and WHM refunds form​.

Essential Tips from us – Visa Fee Refund for International Students 2022

  1. Before you commence your claim for a visa fee refund for international students, you will need to have critical identifying information, such as your name, date of birth, passport, Transaction Reference Number (TRN) of your Student Visa application, and bank account details.You may find your TRN on the second page of your Student Visa grant:
  2. To get your refund sooner, you may want to have your refund paid into an Australian bank account or to a valid credit card, rather than via an international money transfer. The Australian Immigration will process your visa fee refund claim as quickly as possible, but the time taken will vary for each visa holder. This is because they process each Australian student visa fee refund according to the visa holder’s individual circumstances.
  3. Avoid lodging multiple refund claims for the same eligible visa

Frequently Asked Questions – Visa Fee Refund for International Students Australia

Can I claim my student visa fee refund if I am a secondary visa holder to my partner or parent?

Yes. Refunds are available to all applicants who have been granted a Student or WHM visa and travelled to Australia within the specified period above.

Will all visa holders in my family get a refund?

Yes. All applicants who have a student or WHM visa and have travelled to Australia within the specified period will be eligible for a refund.

I included my family in my student visa application. Do I need to lodge a separate request for a refund for each of my family members?

No. Submitting a single refund request for all eligible families who were part of the same visa application will expedite the processing of your refund. Family members can lodge separate claims. However, they will need to use the same Service Now client account to lodge each claim.

I am a secondary applicant, and I arrived during the relevant period, but after the primary visa holder. They have already lodged their claim for the Australian visa fee refund. How do I lodge a claim?

You will need to lodge your claim for a refund but must use the same Service Now client account that the principal applicant used for their refund claim.

Besides the Australian visa fee, will I be repaid for the credit card surcharge fees?


I have paid a Subsequent Temporary Entrant Charge of AUD 700. Will it be refunded as well?

Yes. This is considered to be part of the first visa application charge, so will be included in any refund. Still, to be eligible, you need to be an eligible visa holder and travel to Australia within the specified period.

When I applied for my visa, I paid the visa application fees through my agent’s (Migration Agent, Education Agent, Legal Practitioner, or Travel Agent) credit card/bank account. How do I ensure the refund is sent to my own bank account?

If you are the visa holder, you are the payer, and the refund will be paid to you. You need to provide your bank account details.

My claim was refused. Can I have this decision reviewed?

If Immigration denies your refund request, you can apply for a review. You must apply for a review within 21 calendar days of being notified of the denial.

An independent senior officer will carry out the review. They will consider all the available information to the original decision-maker. They will also review a decision in line with current policies and guidelines

The Immigration aims to inform you of their decision and the reasons for it within 15 working days of receiving your request for review.

You can send a new request if:

  • You circumstances have changed, or
  • Government policy has changed.

student visa fee refund

What We Can Do to Help You

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Free Consultation

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
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