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Study at PIBT

PIBT has  over 15 years experience in delivering its graduates, both local and international, education opportunities that lead to further study at universities in Australia. With teachers, mostly university professors , as well as its small systems class PIBT can guarantee students second-year entry into university based on successful completion of  the appropriate course. The Diploma course offered at PIBT has been designed to mimic lessons taught in the first year of university and has obtained accreditation from the Government of Western Australia

PIBT is located on the grounds of  Edith Cowan University, at both Mount Lawley and Joondalup campuses, just 5 km from the Perth CBD. The strategic location makes PIBT easily accessible by public transport. PIBT has 1500 students which is a mixture of local and international students from various countries. PIBT opens its intake every February, June and October.

Perth Institute of Business and Technology

International students who do not meet university entrance requirements can take Foundation courses in PIBT for 1 year to 1.5 years then proceed to the Diploma program for 8 months. After graduating from their diploma course, students may continue on to the second year at University. Foundation Program (Certificate IV) and diploma offered in PIBT have variety of majors, e.g law school, engineering, business, hospitality management, computer & IT, communications, and health sciences. PIBT also has a language center that offers additional English language courses, both general and academic, for students who do not meet university entrance requirements.

Tuition fees at PIBT start from around AUD $ 8,000 per semester and AUD $ 325 per week for the English course. The entry requirements for international students who wish to study foundation at PIBT is IELTS score at least 5 to 6, depending on the program taken.

To apply to study at PIBT you can contact education ONE, as an authorised representative agent for PIBT . Rather than doing it alone, our agency will be able to simplify your application process for you. People from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, India, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, America, Africa, Europe, other countries in Asia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand can trust your education consultation needs to education ONE. Education ONE is a Perth-based education agency, registered with PIBT. Being in Perth means that education ONE has extensive knowledge of education opportunities in the area on top of their understanding and commitment to Australian legal and labour regulations. Alongside the education division, education ONE operates a separate migration agent called ONEderland Consulting which means that the advice given is always based on up to date migration law & regulation in Australia. International student who are already in Australia and wish to change their school provider to PIBT can also contact education ONE. Our friendly & expert consultant will ready to help you to gain success in Australia.


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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
if you wish to get help with your study and visa. Just book a call!