Reasons for student visa cancellation

We are often approached by inquiries in relation to student visa cancellation. Now, we will have it explained in this article. Australian Student Visa Cancellation is an event when the immigration of Australia cancels a student visa issued for an international student studying in Australia.

In a hurry? Here are the highlights of this article:

  1. Under certain circumstances, you can voluntarily cancel your Australian student visa 
  2. Some common issues may cause a student visa cancellation in Australia
  3. You will be allowed to appeal study termination to school before getting your student visa cancelled
  4. The Immigration of Australia can cancel your student visa by notice
  5. Education ONE can help you secure a new COE and maintain your enrollment in Australia

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Voluntary Cancel Your Student Visa Australia

You might want to voluntarily cancel your student visa for a number of reasons mainly because of a change in your study or career plan, unforeseeable circumstances, and or if you have applied for a Permanent Visa. 

In the event that you are looking to return home and probably not return to Australia for good before your course ends, at that point you might want to voluntarily cancel a student visa.

In this case, we recommend you to only cancel your student visa once you have left Australia. In general, it can take roughly three until five weeks for the Department of Home Affairs to cancel your visa. If you are planning to stay in Australia, cancelling your student visa may have its consequences. We highly recommend you to have a consultation with a registered migration expert like ONEderland Consulting beforehand. 

What happens if I stop studying and stay in Australia, yet do not voluntarily cancel my student visa?

Immigration Cancels My Visa

In the event that you quit studying and stay in Australia, at that point there is a decent possibility that your school will contact Home Affairs and inform them that you are not studying or meeting the minimum attendance or performance requirement. The department will at that point send you a Notice of Intention to Cancel your Visa (NOICC). On the off chance that you are not studying and meeting your course requirements in Australia and on a student visa, then you might have your visa cancelled.

Moreover, a student visa cancellation made by the Australian Immigration Department may result from several other causes, such as:

1. You were non-compliant with other visa conditions

Your student visa will come up with several conditions imposed on you. Failure to always meet all the conditions during the validity period of your visa will lead to cancellation. 

2. You did not meet the character requirements

The Minister has the ability to cancel your visa on the off chance that you don’t meet their character assessment. 

The Minister may cancel your visa in case that you have ever been sentenced to a year or more detainment or have been indicted for, had a charge demonstrated for or have been seen as guilty of a sexually based crime involving a child.

You will have 28 days to settle on representations why you think the decision to cancel your visa should be renounced. The Immigration will consider all the conditions of your case before they respond. 

In different situations where you seem to fail the character requirements, you will be allowed a chance to advance reasons why your visa should not be cancelled before they cancel your visa.

3. You provided false information on your visa application

You must provide accurate information along with your visa application. In case the immigration granted your visa, and find out at a later date that a part of or all of the information you provided in your student visa application is inaccurate, they will have the power to cancel your visa. 

4. A change of circumstances on your study program.

The last reason above mostly happens to international students studying in Australia. Changes in study program may include: 

  • You complete the course for which the Australian Immigration Department granted your student visa and you do not leave Australia or apply for a new visa within the validity period of your visa
  • You complete your course earlier, and do not leave Australia or apply for a new visa in 28 days 
  • You have changed courses since The Australian Immigration Department granted your student visa, and your new Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) for your principal course has an earlier end date and you do not leave Australia or apply for a new visa within 28 days of completing the course
  • You have changed courses that, once completed, will provide a qualification from the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) that is at the lower level than the registered course in relation to which the visa was granted.
  • You are studying more than one courses on your visa (course packaging) and you finish a course early and have a gap between courses of more than 2 months (except if this gap occurs between the end of an academic year and the beginning of a new academic year)
  • You are terminated from school due to performance or attendance failure

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To Appeal COE Cancellation 

Nobody wants it but if you happen to be in a situation where your school terminated your study, usually, the school will provide you an opportunity to send an appeal where you can send a written statement on why you should be given another chance to improve your grades and attendance, and the reasons for your previous failure along with the supporting documents. If you fail to provide a reasonable statement and the school rejects your appeal, you commonly can send an appeal to the ombudsman of Australia.

Contact us here for guidance in making strong appeal statements. 

If it remains unsuccessful, your school will cancel your COE or Certificate of Enrollment, which will result in student visa cancellation in 28 eight days. During such a duration, you could leave Australia and cancel your student visa from your side or be enrolled in another study program and/or provider, and provide a new COE to the immigration. Failure in doing so will result in an automated Student Visa cancellation that will make you stay unlawfully in Australia, which is not so good in your immigration history.

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We Can Help You!

What We Can Do To Avoid Your Student Visa Cancellation

This can be a devastating experience. However, contacting a registered migration agent in Australia may be beneficial. Not only giving you certain information and advice on your current status in Australia, a registered migration agent can also help you with the best options possible you have in regards with your situation. In addition, it is always nice to feel the security of hiring professionals to take care of your case, right?

Student Visa Cancellation.

If you are unsure of what the next step or options you have after student visa cancellation or after receiving notice of intention to cancel, or if you want to discuss your visa matter, you can contact education ONE Australia through email at perth@educationone.net.au or via phone on at +618 6102 1118 (Perth Office), +612 800 54777 (Sydney Office), +613 9010 6100 (Melbourne Office). Our professional consultants, along with our in-house Australian Registered Migration Agents, ONEderland Consulting, will give you an insight into the possibility of your next visa application. 

We have years of experience in helping hundreds of international students to overcome their visa cancellation whatever the case was. We treat individuals differently based on their visa case to determine a better option for their future visa. We look forward to assisting you with your visa and study in Australia.

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