Australian Government Launches Visa Changes for International Students

Australian Government Launches Visa Changes for International Students

The Australian Government Offer More Visa Variation for International Student After a long-awaited and many changes on the circumstances of international students’ study, the Australian Government finally issued several more variations on a visa regulation to support international students whose education is impacted by the COVID-19.  An international student market is an essential asset to … Read more

I am an international Student in Australia, can I change my study provider?

When you decide to continue your studies in Australia, the first thing to do is to have a destination, course and study provider.  You can conduct research on campuses and study programs in Australia. When you have decided on an education provider and course to take in Australia, you can send your application and apply … Read more


One of the biggest challenges for high school leavers is to decide what’s next for their higher education. Some of them choose to continue their studies in their home countries, but some decide to expand their world by continuing their studies overseas. Australia is the sixth most preferred study destination in the world following the … Read more