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school-close-down-in-AustraliaLately there has been some surprising information about many of Australian education provider is closing down.

The biggest impact of their closures will surely be experienced by International Students who are in the middle of their studies in Australia. One of the significant results for its students is getting their COE cancelled and this may threaten their compliance with their student visa conditions, resulting in their student visa being invalid. 

Some of these Australian Education providers have been blacklisted from the Australian Department of Education: https//tps.gov.au/static content/get/news

It may be an extremely stressful experience for the affected students for they will have to find another education provider in the middle of their studies as soon as possible, as the education provider is closing down without prior notice, leaving them with no preparation for Plan B.

It is likely to cause confusion since they will have to make a quick decision in the middle of the already devastating situation. Not to mention they may lack information on what to do in such a situation. 

This issue does not only threaten the continuation of the students’ studies in Australia but they still have to face the issue of  the school fees that have been paid to the closing school. Moreover, they must get a new COE immediately because the previous COE has been cancelled due to these closures.

The Australian Government has provided a solution for these issues by initiating Tuition Protection Service (TPS). TPS helps international students whose schools are closing down to be able to get their tuition fees reimbursed and continue their studies in Australia.

Nonetheless, many International Students are still confused and lack information on the TPS procedure and with this it does not help that they only have 3 months to obtain a new COE and find a new school.All this has to be done as quickly as possible so as not to get their student visas cancelled and have to leave Australia.

What to do if you experience that your education provider is closing down? Obtain the assistance of a trusted Educational Consultant. 

As one of the best Educational Consultants in Australia with lots of experience in the field, education ONE certainly can help you find the best solutions after your Australian Education Providers closes down. 

We will assist you by giving you the best advice on the quality providers as suggested by the TPS, obtaining a new COE, and, most importantly, securing your student visas without any stress.

We can make your dreams of studying in Australia come true without any obstacles when you trust us to assist you, we work for you our customer, so you have a happy and successful studying experience in Australia.

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