Unveiling Myth About Working Part-Time in Australia

Unveiling Myth About Working Part-Time in Australia

Can you work while you study in Australia?

Most of you probably already know that every international student studying in Australia on a student visa (including for a college diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as their spouses), are permitted to work in Australia, but only part- time (20 hours a week). We will give you some information about working part-time in Australia, if you are a prospective international student. Please see below for this information.

Working should be an opportunity

As described above, all students have the opportunity to work in Australia while studying, regardless of nationality and the level of study you are taking.

In this scenario, prospective students need to have their focus on studying in Australia, whether than on working (part-time) while in college. Keep in mind that your goal is to study in Australia, and with high absenteeism, and bad grades, you have the possibility of some complications you may not want in the future.

You will not receive assistance in your job search

Unless you have family, friends or business relations that currently reside in Australia and they want to hire you when you arrive, you will not receive help in finding a job.

In addition to the previously mentioned statements regarding job searching, if you want to work in Australia you must:

  • Prepare a resume and cover letter;
  • Look for vacancies in casual or part-time jobs;
  • Contact the potential employer; (company/business)
  • Attend interviews, and then sign an employment contract, if hired.

This process can be long and complex for some; many of you may or may not find something unexpected. The difficulties in life make you stronger and smarter in addressing the issues.

Your Estimated Income

As you might know, the range for working part-time in Australia is between AUD $ 15-25 per hour. You may not work more than (maximum) 40 hours per fortnight (two weeks). The estimate for income is about AUD $1,200 to $2,000 AUD per month.

What a great opportunity for part-time work only! However, please note that the number of hours that you receive will depend on your employer. There is no certainty on how many hours you will get per week. It could be 20 hours, 10 hours, 5 hours, or you may not find an employer at all.

Information during the holidays

In Australia, the school period is only 8 months per year. The other 4 months out of the year are holidays. Holiday months include from June to July and December to February. What does this have to do with working during your study in Australia?

When the holidays months come around, you will have no limit on the hours that you are allowed to work. This means you can work for any amount of hours, instead of the part-time hours during the school months. Remember, this is only during the holiday period, if you work more than 40 hours per fortnight during the school period, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection may send someone to visit you for confirmation. Be careful not to work more than the allowed hours during your student visa, as your visa could also be cancelled due to you violating the visa conditions.

PS : How would Immigration find out? The integration of company accounting systems and the Australian Department of Immigration.

After the completion of your study

So, what happens after the completion of my study in Australia? Will I still be able to work?

The answer depends on what you are now eligible to apply for.

If you still want to live and work in Australia after your study, you must find a visa you are eligible for to replace your student visa. This new working visa, will allow you to work in Australia LEGALLY. We advise against overstaying your student visa, as this can cause you nothing but issues in the future.

Your chances to continue to live and work in Australia after graduation, will largely be determined by the course and level of the study you take.

Living in Australia after you complete your study

Perhaps some of you are wondering what the major has to do with the requirements you need to meet in order to work in Australia? If you don’t know yet, you can find out more information by reading this.

If you have successfully completed the course you undertook in Australia (whether it’s a Diploma, undergraduate, or postgraduate degree), you will have the opportunity to get a temporary residence permit for 1.5 to 4 years. (This will depend on the level of course you took.) This temporary residency is referring to the Graduate visa, and you would have to meet the requirements to be granted the visa.

For those of you who take a Diploma course, you must ensure that your study is related to an occupation listed on the Australian Skilled Occupation List. If it is not, it will be not be possible for you to get this visa.

What is the correlation between your major and occupation?

This is related to the previous statements about the Graduate Visa, which will allow you to settle in Australia. You will need to think about what you would do in the 1.5 to 4 years.

Surely, you do not want to work part-time for the whole duration of the Graduate visa, right? That is possible, but most new graduates prefer to look for a full time job.

And if that is what you want, be sure you understand that the major you choose is one of the most important factors that could make the difference between being able to stay in Australia or having to return to your home country. Why? This is a requirement to be able to work full-time in Australia, you should at least be studying a course that is related to an occupation listed on the SOL or CSOL.

Of course, all deliberations for what you are going to do while you study in Australia, or after you graduate from an Australian school, is purely a personal choice for every party. Just please be sure you put your education in Australia as your top priority.

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