Why Study in Australia

Why should you choose Australia? Here are a few reason

When you decide to go to college and study abroad, it is usually a bit stressful trying to collect all information for your study.

“Where should I go to continue my study?”

Not just you, students from all around the world probably feel the same way as you do. How to choose the best destination, whether it be Singapore, USA, Australia, Europe, etc.

Some things you should think about:

  • Distance between country of origin and destination of study (usually family will worry if the distance is too far),
  • Language of the country you decide to study at (eg, France), and how long it would take you to adjust to the language,
  • Expenditure per month (parents would be worried if their children are stranded overseas without adequate supplies and funds),
  • School Fees, how much should be paid per semester.
  • Security in the country of your choice, to guarantee the tranquility and comfort of learning and many more.
  • and many more.

Not only do you have to convince your parents that the country you choose is good. But, you also have to convince yourself in order to be confident with your decision to study abroad.

PS : If you will be spending 3-4 years studying in a foreign country,you will need to prepare yourself well before your departure. Uncertainty is one of the many reasons why someone does not successfully complete their education abroad. So do not let this happen to you.


The location where you study will influence many things (such as, if you’ve ever been on a long distance flight, etc). If it is far away from your home country, you will want to visit your family over holidays and the cost of the flight should also be taken into consideration.

PS: You also need to know about different time zone in Australia.

International Recognition

Many people want recognition from the international community after their study. Obtaining the title after finishing college is one thing, but a degree that is recognized by the international community is another. If your plan in the future is to go International (in terms of work) or to gain prestige and international recognition, continuing your study in Australia is the best choice you can make.

Australia has a Framework for education quality control that is already recognized internationally.

Duration of your study

Yup, it does not takes a long time to complete your study in Australia.

  • To finish your Bachelor Degree

    You need an average of 3 years (2.5 years if taking extra credits).

  • To finish your Master’s Degree

    You need an average of 2 years (1.5 years if taking extra credits).

Working Part Time

“Work? Study while working? “

Australia is one of the few countries that allow international students to work while studying.

“But, would this not disrupt our study?”

Yes and no, it all depends on the students themselves. Working here is just an opportunity provided by the Australian government to international students, and this is to help reduce the burden of the cost of living here, or to earn extra income.

If prospective students want to work, they can work. And if they do not want to work, there is nothing prohibiting them too.

However, there are many things you can get with this:

  • 1. Find more friends
  • 2. Feel what it’s like to work abroad,
  • 3. Practice your English language skills
  • 4. And also earn your first dollar.
    PS: If its not possible to work while you study, do not force yourself to. It will disturb your study and distract you from achieving the best possible grades. Please do not forget that Australia has a limitation on working hours, to avoid those who are “workaholics” and abandon their studies.

With everything you obtained from your work experience, it can:

  • Help your weekly expenditure,
  • Know how to manage your time for college and work,
  • Experience how it feels to earn money so you can appreciate your hard work,
  • Know what the expectations, responsibilities, and obligations are in order to perform tasks.

Broaden Your Connection

Imagine you are in a room and the people in this room, are people who you will be friends with for 10-20 years.

If you had to choose to:

  • Be friends with people from your city,
  • Be friends with people in your country only,
  • Be friends with people from all over the world.

Do you remember when you were in primary till secondary school, your school mates were mostly from your town. In your senior secondary school years, your school mates were probably from other regions. Then, when would you have an opportunity to make some international friends?

This era is the era of globalization.

All the products that you consume and wear today, are mostly made and are coming from another country. For example, Apple, American products made in China are sold worldwide and Honda (Japanese manufacturer’s products in the entire world) are also sold worldwide.

They all have one thing in common, exposing yourself to the world.

Likewise with your connection.

Have connections abroad will not only help you to open opportunities for yourself abroad, but also to have future relations, suppose you want to open a business, or working abroad.

“What about Australia?”

Australia is one country with a very diverse population variation. It is almost certain in a big city in Australia, you can find a lot of foreign nationals who are non Australian are “scattered” there. Is it Indian, Chinese, Japanese, European, African, American, etc. As noted in the statistical reporting Australian.

What does this mean for you?

“Its time to socialize”. Make connections, for you in the future. Make your ‘future’ self proud by having friends from all over the world.

There are some many advantages when studying abroad in Australia.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and look for a realization of the future you want to achieve.

PS: The author is a graduate from Australia in 2014 (so this is a true story). Experience the immense benefits perceived by studying abroad and I wanted to share it with you all.

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